It's not too late to follow your singing dream!

Singer-Athlete Membership makes it easy!

A hybrid vocal coaching program that fits your schedule and your budget!

Why "Singer-Athlete?"

Because any physical skill can be developed if you think like an athlete.

That means you:

  1. Build the right muscles, and
  2. Develop the right motor habits.

Singer-Athlete Membership is a hybrid coaching model that will help you do both.

What Makes it Hybrid?

As you work through the DIY courses on your own, you have multiple ways and opportunities to get custom feedback, suggestions, and encouragement directly from me - as much or as little as you decide.

I become your long-distance vocal & confidence coach.

Why Are Singer-Athletes So Successful?:

The Singer-Athlete Workout Program has a complete and easy-to-follow workout regimen that is a game-changer for your vocal technique.

Below I share how it came to be:

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Yet, vocal technique alone is not enough.

Your success as a singer will depend on also building the complementary skills needed to put your improved technique to use. Things like:

  • Confidence
  • Stage presence
  • Artistic style and your ideal musical project

What will your life look like when you have a voice you're proud of and the confidence to share it?

It's time to find out!

Not only do you become a better singer and performer; through Judy's kindness, skill, and encouragement, you gain self confidence that helps in every area of life!

Judy Blake  | 

Very good vocal coach. Great personality. Makes you feel comfortable
with a fun experience.

Karen Tisue  | 

I've studied voice for years, but get the most out of my time with Judy.

Anne T  | 

What if I prefer 1-on-1 lessons?

I have a limited number of one-on-one lesson slots. It's best to reach out to confirm a time slot before purchasing a package. Contact Me with your availability.