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Got a Singing Dream?

Whether you want singing to be your career or your hobby, the tools to get you there are here

  • Find your strength & your style
  • Rock the karaoke circuit
  • Hone your performance skills
  • Pass those theory assessments
  • Develop your harmonizing skills
  • Learn to set your lyrics to music

Use the tabs to the right for details on the different ways OwJF can you help you achieve your singing dreams.

Using decades of my experience as a musician, singer, and teacher, let me help you follow your passion and chase your dreams.

  • Build Vocal Strength, Range, Tone, and Stamina
  • Learn Keyboard, Music Theory and Songwriting Skills
  • Prepare for Sight-Reading and Solfeggio Assessments
  • Develop Personal Style, Mic Technique and Stage Presence
  • Work to Conquer Your Performance Anxiety

In-Person Coaching

If you’re a snowbird, or if you don’t reside in the Cape Coral, FL area at all, you can still sign up for one-on-one coaching with me.

Vocal coaching, keyboard skills, music theory and songwriting can all be pursued long-distance.

All you need is a good internet connection and an appropriately arranged space to work in. I can help you get set up before you start.

If you’d like to know more about internet coaching, Contact Me

If you’d like to sign up for internet coaching, Register Online!

Online Courses

Singer-Athlete Workout Series: Online Singing Course

An 8-week introductory course that will improve your tone, range, power, vocal stamina, and confidence.

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(NEW!) Music Theory for Singers: The Chord Book

For anyone who wants to set their own lyrics to music, and/or improve their ear, and/or improve their harmonizing skills. On sale now thru July! 

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Singer-Athlete Online Membership

Work at your own direction by becoming a Singer-Athlete Online Member.

Membership gives you access to:

  • The Singer-Athlete Workout Series library of vocal exercises
  • The OwJF Member Video Library, (with tutorials and workout combinations)
  • Members-Only Blog Posts
  • Me! Members can schedule a monthly Skype check-in to receive feedback, ask questions, share challenges or progress, combat discouragement, and encourage accountability. Learn More…

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Trying to live out a well-rounded singer’s lifestyle?

Me too!

I decided to share what helps me stay healthy, positive, and on track, in case any of it may also help you.

And if you have a particular challenge that isn’t addressed on these pages, please share. I’d love to brainstorm with you!

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