How Can OwJF Help you?

  • ・Direct Vocal Coaching
  • ・Direct Keys, Theory, Songwriting Lessons
  • ・DIY Membership Vocal Development
  • ・DIY Theory/Songwriting Workbooks

Vocal Coach

Judy Fine

That first frame in the video on the left is me performing with one of my early cover bands called Coolbernie. I was an okay singer back then, but nothing like I am today. That’s because back then I still believed you’re either born an amazing singer or not. That’s what most folks believe. Maybe you do, too.

There are some things you can’t change, like the thickness of your vocal chords or the size of your lungs. But just as an ordinary person can wake up one day and decide to train to run a marathon, you can decide to train your voice. Wherever your singing is now, with training you can improve your tone, range, agility, stamina, and artistry. You just have to wake up one day and decide to do it. How about today?

How can I help you?

Online with Judy Fine is your complete online singer’s resource. There are  many ways I can help you pursue your dream. See what I mean below.

Direct Coaching

Meet with me face-to-face (online or in Cape Coral, FL) for direct vocal coaching, and/or keyboard skills lessons, and/or music theory and songwriting sessions.

DIY Vocal Coaching

No worries if you don’t know how to work out your voice. Become a Singer-Athlete Online Member and simply choose a workout playlist, hit play, and sing along.

Theory for Singers

Downloadable workbooks geared toward a singer’s needs. Improve your pitch, timing, harmonizing and songwriting skills. Be a peer among musicians.

Gifts for Singers

Do you know an aspiring singer? Help them pursue their dreams with Gear/Gift Recommendations or with Singer-Athlete Online Membership!