Life Coaching Meets Singing: The Singer’s Self-Improvement Series

The 2019 Singer’s Self-Improvement blog series!

There are many reasons adults decide to take singing lessons, but all those reasons can be boiled down to one thing. Passion. And the sense of fulfillment and improved wellbeing that comes from pursuing a passion.

Whether you want your passion for singing to become your career, side-gig, or hobby, three things are necessary for success.

  • Significance: Singing has to be made a priority in your life.
  • Structure: A clear goal needs to be set, with clear steps to reach it.
  • Progress: Continued signs of progress will keep you excited and motivated.

This is why I’m starting the Singer’s Self-Improvement Series.

I want to help you follow your passion for singing by reminding you monthly to make that passion a priority, and by offering structure and tools to lead you to quick and continuous progress.

Many of my adult students over the years were just like you. Using the kinds of tools found in this monthly series, they brought more fulfillment, excitement, health, and balance to their lives. You can too!

At the beginning of each month, I’ll publish a post that targets singing-related goals for that month. There’ll be a vocal technique focus (including vocal exercises), as well as advice about things peripheral to singing; things like diet, performance anxiety, setting boundaries to carve out “me time,” and how to get your singing self out there.

Over the course of the year, I’ll do my best to lead you from the seedling of your singing daydreams to the first sprouts of your singing goals, whatever they are.

These monthly posts are free. You need only subscribe to my blog (upper right sidebar).

If you’ve been looking for the right inspiration to take better care of yourself and pursue what makes you happy, you’ve found it!

And please share this with others who may be interested in a new approach to balance and fulfillment! Step one of the series begins the first week of 2019!


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