Understand and Conquer Performance Anxiety 

 August 15, 2019


The subject of performance anxiety often appears in my posts and videos. That’s because I had a severe case myself when I was younger, and it became paramount that I figure out how to move beyond it. I know I’m not alone. Most of us experience this kind of anxiety, at least to some degree.

But this isn’t a challenge exclusive to singers because pretty much everything we do is a performance. Job interviews. Running team meetings. Asking someone out on a date. If you struggle with public singing or speech-giving, there’s a good chance you struggle with these other types of everyday performances.

Overcoming performance anxiety is beneficial to everyone. The tools to improve your ability to get on a stage without completely losing your mind, are the same tools you can use to perform better and with less stress in other areas of your life.

I put together the following video presentation to answer three questions:

  1. How does performance anxiety manifest?
  2. Why does performance anxiety happen?
  3. How can I conquer performance anxiety?

The answers to these questions changed my performing life. I feel certain they will do the same for you. Let me know if you think I left anything out. Enjoy!

(PS: Please ignore references to Patreon. That was old Judy.)

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