The Key to Your Future Lies in Your Past 

 December 20, 2022

By  Judy Fine

When life feels off the rails, the idea of getting back on track can seem impossible. You have obligations, people who rely on you, a mortgage to pay. Maybe there are mistakes you’ve made that now haunt or paralyze you. How in the world do you create a new and better you starting from this point?

The good news is you don’t have to create anything.

The key to your better future lies in your past. In the person you already knew you were when you were 8. In the person you might have become had conditioning and life circumstances not turned you in a different direction. You don’t have to create someone new. She is already there waiting for you to chisel away all the self-limiting beliefs she’s been buried under. Waiting for you to stop making your obligations to others more important than your obligation to her.

I call this person inside you Your Ideal Life Persona.

She knows what you need, what you’re capable of, and where you really want to go with your life. Once you realign with her, you’ll feel confident in who you are. Saying yes to the right people and situations and no to the wrong ones becomes easy. And she will help you discover ways to tweak the trajectory of your current life to enhance it in ways that feed her. With her at the helm, your life can be transformed into a source of satisfaction, purpose, and ease.

I help women accomplish this through one-on-one and small-group coaching.

But you don’t have to commit to a coaching relationship to start down this path. I do what I do because I’m on a personal mission to leave more confident and happier women in my wake. That’s why I offer free consultations with absolutely no obligation to become a coaching client. You and I can chat over Zoom with the goal of inspiring new ways to reintroduce yourself to your ideal life persona. Fortunately, she’s super patient and understanding, but don’t make her wait too long!

A new calendar year always inspires a fresh start. Use that inspiration to make 2023 the year you get reacquainted with the real you. You can sign up for a free chat here: https://onlinewithjudyfine.com/book-a-free-consultation/

Happy new year and I look forward to meeting your ideal persona!


Judy Fine

Vocal, Performance, and Confidence Coach


Judy Fine

Judy Fine has been a vocal and performance coach since 2007. Specializing in artist development coaching, Judy helps everyday aspiring singers transform their dreams into reality.

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