You Don’t Have to be “Born With It!” – How to Become a Singer 

By  Judy Fine

Has this mean little voice ever popped up in your head...?

"Maybe I just don't have what it takes, and I can never learn how to become a singer."

Or maybe the voice isn't in your head, maybe it's coming from someone else's mouth. Ouch!

Wherever it comes from, it's a product of fear (yours or that other person's) and NOT of reality. So, if this applies to you and your heart wishes you could be a singer, please keep reading. Because you CAN learn how to become a singer.

Why This Negative Voice Says You Can't Learn How to Become a Singer.

How to become a singer

There are two primary reasons aspiring singers hear this little voice. 

The first comes from a cultural misunderstanding - the idea that you're either born with it or you can never become a singer.

This idea gets perpetuated in a number of ways. Here are a few examples:

  • Singing competition shows with, for example, an inspirational 8-yr-old opera singer.
  • Singing competition shows with a very narrow definition of what great singing is.
  • The misconception that professional singers don't have to work at it.
  • Older generations believing the misconception and passing it on.

The second reason is... and this is the biggie... you're scared that it might be true. You're scared you could put time and energy and resources into pursuing something and then suffer some future heartbreak and embarrassment by learning that it can't be yours.

(Just typing the words "it can't be yours" makes my heart sink - because I also felt that way once. If you, in particular, struggle with feeling like a fraud, you might want to learn more about imposter syndrome from the NIH or you can check out my post about it.)

But here's the great news. If you put that voice in its place, You CAN learn how to become a singer. I promise! Keep reading...

Why This Voice is Wrong and You CAN Learn How to Become a Singer

Because singing is a sport.

Think about it. Singing has all the signs of a sport. It:

  • Requires muscle development and maintenance.
  • Requires the right motor skills and motor memory.
  • Is physically demanding - increases heart rate, circulation, etc...
  • Is directly impacted by diet, sleep, mindset, water intake, etc...

Can I run the Boston Marathon today? Nope! Could I work out and prepare over the course of a year to run in the next one? Absolutely! 

(I'm not going to, but I COULD.)

If a person can build the skills necessary for a sport, then a person can also build the skills necessary to sing. Because singing is a sport.

That means, the way you sing today has no bearing on how you could potentially sing six months from now, and a year from now, and three years from now. Your singing (a physical skill) will improve and improve for as long as you decide to work on it. 

See? You CAN learn how to become a singer!

What To Do If This Voice Haunts You

Start Seeing Yourself as an Athlete.

Now that you understand you have what it takes to learn how to become a singer, it’s time to embrace it. That means making a commitment to yourself and your heart in a way that sets real goals that the nasty little voice in your head can't argue with. What exactly does that mean?

  • Take care of yourself (diet, sleep, water intake, etc...).
  • Keep your mindset aligned with the athlete mentality (the idea that you can work to improve any physical skill over time).
  • Learn how to work with your body to keep your voice healthy and strong.
  • Create and follow a vocal workout routine.
  • Revel in each small win (because they add up to big successes).

So... Do you have to be "born with it" to learn how to become a singer? 

Of course not!

Because singing is a sport... and sports are physical skills... and physical skills can be developed over time with the right mindset and workout! Period. The end.

(If you didn't already know that answer, start reading this again from the top!)

You just need to start and then keep going until you get there!

Before I leave you to go get your workout on, might I suggest the perfect way to get started toward your singing goals? 

It's called the Singer’s Self-Assessment Quiz

It's a five-question quiz that helps you get clear on where you should be focusing your attention right now, as well as the four primary focus areas you’ll need to cycle through along your singing journey.

Easy peasy, super fast, and super helpful. Check it out. 

Until next time, Singer-Athlete!

Judy Fine

Judy Fine has been a vocal and performance coach since 2007, specializing in artist development coaching for aspiring singers and confidence coaching for everyone.

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