About My Journey:

Hello! I’m Judy Fine. I have been helping clients become more confident and find their true voices since 2007 when I hung my first shingle as a vocal and performance coach. Five years later, I became a certified personal coach. That’s when I expanded my clientele to non-singers who want to find that same confidence and true inner voice that singers seek.

When I was young, I found myself surrounded by folks who discouraged me from following my instincts when it came to my life direction. I was regularly bombarded with words like “practical” and suggestions  like “Isn’t it time to get a real job?” or “Maybe singing isn’t your thing.” I didn’t have the confidence to counter their voices, and so I often made decisions contrary to who I was. This caused me to flail in my twenties. 

Of course, these adults were giving me advice they believed was helpful. They were wrong, though, because they taught me to doubt myself instead of going after what I wanted in life. 

It took time, but once I found my way and built a life that felt like mine, I found happiness, stability, and self-respect. And I found my purpose – to help others (singers or not) find the same inner confidence that will lead to their happiness and freedom. Let’s get to the task of finding your true, confident voice so you can also find your best life!