Were you traumatized by a knuckle-busting music teacher when you were a kid? Have no fear.

These are not your traditional piano lessons.

Let music lessons be an outlet for fun and creativity, not ground zero for future PTSD. 

Adult Piano/Music Theory Lessons:

A lot of music teachers seem to think their job is to fit their students into the traditions of music education. I think music education should be adapted to fit my students. I want you to sit at your piano and enjoy a new musical outlet in a way that’s satisfying and fun for you. How you get there isn’t important. I just want you to get there. That means we find what works best for you and run with it.

Your ideal lesson length will depend on your learning and practice styles. The longer the lesson, the more time for guided practice with me, but also the more focused energy you’ll use. If you’re unsure what works for you, 45-minute lessons are a good starting place. You can change the length the next time you purchase a package.


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Theory & Songwriting Workbooks

  • Sale!

    Music Theory for Singers Workbook Bundle


    Save 15%. Includes the Chord Book and all three Songwriting supplementals.

  • Music Theory for Singers: The Chord Book


    Work at your own pace and in manageable steps to learn the basics of music theory that all singers and aspiring songwriters should know.

  • Songwriter’s Workbook: Expanding Chord Choices


    Chord Book supplemental to help your songwriting stand out by creating more interesting chord progressions.

  • Songwriter’s Workbook: Using Minor Keys


    Chord Book supplemental to expand your songwriting options by using minor keys.

  • Songwriter’s Workbook: Write Better Lyrics


    Understand song structure and analyze great lyrics to help improve your own writing.

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