What comes to mind when you think “piano teacher?”

  • An older woman with her hair in a tight bun, her glasses on the tip of her nose, and a ruler in hand ready to bust your knuckles?
  • Someone who will suck the musical passion out of your existence by forcing you to do scales all lesson long?

You’re not alone with the those thoughts, but you’re absolutely wrong!

These are not your traditional piano lessons.

What if you could find a teacher whose goal is:

  • To let you decide what success is and plan with her how to get there?
  • To help you make your piano a fun place to get away from the world?
  • To make your piano lessons a means to a creative outlet and not a way to ace a music theory final?
  • To figure out what approach to learning works for you?
  • To make piano lessons fun?

Well… You’ve found her!

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Adult Piano/Music Theory Lessons:

Your ideal lesson length will depend on your learning and practice styles. The longer the lesson, the more time for guided practice with me, but also the more focused energy you’ll use. If you’re unsure what works for you, 45-minute lessons are a good starting place. You can change the length the next time you purchase a package.


(New students Register Here)

30-min x 1 $35

30-min x 5 $156

(must be used within 7 weeks)

30-min x 12 $349

(must be used within 15 weeks)

45-min x 1 $46

45-min x 5 $206

(must be used within 7 weeks)

45-min x 12 $459

(must be used within 15 weeks)

60-min x 1 $57

60-min x 5 $256

(must be used within 7 weeks)

60-min x 12 $579

(must be used within 15 weeks)

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