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Adult Singing Lessons

You Don’t Have To Be Born With It!

You can whip that voice of yours into shape and proudly share it with others:

Build your confidence

Grow your range

Strengthen your tone

Improve vocal agility

Add purpose and challenge to your life

Did someone (maybe even YOU) discourage you away from singing when you were younger? I promise you, it’s NOT too late!

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Hi! I’m Judy Fine.

Unleashing amazing singers since


I was not born a singer.

As a kid my voice was thin and breathy, and I lacked the confidence and tools to try to change it.

I didn’t know then that all it would take was the athlete mentality, a great workout routine, and a small dose of self-belief to become the singer I wanted to be.

You don’t have to be born with it. You can make it happen.

I learned how to whip my voice into shape and how to get past the demons that tried to stand between me and my happiness. I’m talking about things like imposter syndrome and performance anxiety.

You can do the same.

You can successfully pursue your love of singing and music just like I did. It would be my honor if you let me help you.

Online or In Person in Granby, MA!

Lessons That Fit Your Goals:

As my student, you’ll have access to great online tools, including select workouts from my vocal development membership, the Singer-Athlete Workout Series.

But vocal technique is just the beginning of where we can go. Theory, keys, ear training, and songwriting are all skills I can help you hone.

And what about the deeper challenges that most of us creative types face? Together we can tackle your performance anxiety and self-doubt, and develop your vibe, stage presence, and ideal artist persona.

You don’t have to be alone with your dream, whatever it is!

1, 5, & 12 Lessons

In Person Lessons

1, 5, & 12 Lesson

Online Lessons

You get more than just solid vocal technique as my student. Here’s what you get:

Someone who:

becomes your friend, mentor, and cheerleader.

Someone who:

will share her decades of experience performing in bands as a singer and keyboardist.

Someone who:

has formal musical training, including a Master of Music in Composition from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Someone who:

knows firsthand how to turn an average voice into a great voice (because I had to do it myself).

Someone who:

knows firsthand how to overcome performance anxiety and severe self-doubt (because I had to do it myself).

Someone who:

wants to help you find, love, and amplify your unique voice.


Are online lessons really as good as in-person lessons?
Absolutely! I can hear, see, and address what you are doing just the way I can when we’re standing in the same room. Yet, you have all the added conveniences of not traveling to a teaching studio.
What are lessons like?
A typical lesson begins with simple exercises to get your body ready to support your singing. Next comes checking in with the vocal exercises you practiced since your previous lesson. Then we get to song work. If you're interested in having extra time to dedicate to song work, I recommend choosing the 60-minute lesson option.
What if I'm not sure I have the natural talent to be a singer?
There are those who exhibit naturally advanced skills at a young age but most of us mere mortals have to develop our abilities over time. And that can be done at any age. Wherever you are now, you can improve your singing over time.
How often do lessons happen?
Once a week is the most common frequency. Some students opt for two lessons every week, which greatly speeds up progress. Anything less than once a week invariably leads to momentum problems and inhibits success.
What is your teaching philosophy?
My role is to guide your progress, shine a light on your strengths, and help you witness the value in what you can accomplish.
What is your training and experience?
My degrees are in music composition. When I was in my thirties, and I discovered that the athlete mentality was the key to success as a singer, I completed a certification course in modern vocal technique (2007) and added vocal coaching to my list of teaching services. I was already a gigging singer and keyboardist at that point, and have been most of my adult life.