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Confidence Workshops

Confidence Workshops

All of these workshops are aspects of the Your Ideal Life Persona confidence coaching model. They center around the goal of having the confidence to know who you are, how you need things to be, and being able to unabashedly voice both.

Becoming the Real You

Building a confident life using the Your Ideal Life Persona model.

Your Story is a Song

Using lyric-writing as an outlet for healing and clarity.

All The World’s a Stage

Dealing with performance anxiety when everyday life is filled with performances.

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I HIGHLY recommend Judy Fine if you’re looking for someone to help you stand strong in life.

-Michelle Pulver

The real you knows what you need.

But sometimes, you go without to appease the needs of your family members. Or your boss or colleagues. Or some side of you that believes the real you is somehow “wrong.” And now, after years of being that censored version of you, it has become the norm.

It’s time to rewrite the script…

…and fully become yourself. This person holds the key to your confidence, happiness, and success.

Your Ideal Persona Coaching Model Affirms:

Being Confident in Who You Are...

is one huge and important key to happiness.

A Confident & Happy Person...

already lives inside you and needs only to be set free.

You Don't Have to Wait...

for the so-called right time to become your true self.

Every Perceived Flaw...

can be transformed into a feature.

Life is a Series of Performances...

and you don’t have to accept performance anxiety.

Your Voice is Unique...

and deserves (and needs) to be expressed.

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