My Courses:

The Guides to Success are a collection of lecture series where I share my take and advice on specific topics.

Welcome, Singer-Athlete! Your 12-month membership includes 4 optional video submissions, one for every three-month period. You'll receive a reminder email near the end of each period. To submit the video for feedback, you'll need to upload it to a YouTube channel (you can mark it "unlisted" so no one else finds it), then you'll come here to add the video link. The video of you can include you singing Vocal exercises A song your practicing At a gig At a karaoke night Or a combination, as long as your  video does not exceed 6 minut es . Feel free to let me know at the beginning of the recording if there is specific feedback you're looking for. I'll get back to you with feedback as quickly as I can, usually within one week. (Click on Start Course)

Welcome to the Building Creative Confidence Workshop!

Years ago, I went to see a friend who was gigging with a new band.  When he spotted me from the stage, he said hello through the mic and in front of everyone, invited me up to sing a song.  I DID NOT want to do it. I wasn't warmed up and didn't feel prepared. I did it anyway, of course, because how can you say no in front of all those people? But it was not my best performance. From that moment on, I set a goal to ALWAYS be prepared.  Always being prepared means regularly keeping my voice in shape. These 12 pre-built workout routines are designed for just that purpose - ready for whenever you need a grab-and-go practice session. There are three categories:  Audition Ready - Longer workouts focusing on pitch and range. Commuter Rockstar - Shorter workouts to make your commute time about building power and stamina. Chronically Congested - Buzzy, sinus-loving exercises to help you through allergy season. Happy singing!

This isn't just a music theory course. This is a Music Theory For Singers course. That means I've homed in on the parts of music theory that are most important for singers. You'll learn things like how to: Make chords and chord progressions Read from musical scores or leadsheets Improve your songwriting Sight sing and harmonize.  And it's laid out in fun, easy-to-follow steps.  Plus, I'm always nearby to clarify or help you through any specific part.