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Welcome to Music Theory for Singers: The Chord Book!

Every singer should learn some music theory. It will improve your timing, entrances, ad libbing, and how you communicate with fellow musicians.

In this course, you’ll learn the foundational skills necessary to understand how chords and chord progressions are created. In addition to the benefits I mentioned above, The Chord Book is an important step toward writing your own songs, improving your sight-reading skills, and improving your harmonizing skills.


If you have no prior music theory experience, you’ll first need to download and complete the free starter PDFs on my website; Getting Your Feet Wet With Music Theory, Treble and Bass Clef Practice, and Counting Rhythms. You can find those here: Free Stuff





Judy Fine is a musician, vocal coach, and creative life coach who is committed to helping everyday people follow their passions. Using decades of experience as a singer, musician, and teacher, Judy has designed an approach to vocal improvement that combines the science of singing with targeted vocal workouts that expand range, power, richness and vocal agility. Judy is also a certified personal coach, who coaches singers (and other creative folks) who wish to find better balance and fulfillment in their overall lives.
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