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Welcome to the Singer-Athlete Workout Series Starter Course!

This eight-week course incorporates knowledge of the body with skill-building exercises to increase vocal tone, range, agility, and stamina. You’ll leave this course with new skills and inspiration, including a solid understanding of how we vocalize and how you can work with your body to continue to get the most out of your singing.

If you wish to continue your progress beyond these eight weeks, the starter course leaves you with the information you need to effectively make use of your Singer-Athlete Online Membership. Membership gives you access to:

  1. The full Singer-Athlete Workout Series Audio Library of vocal exercises
  2. The member video library, which includes informational and vocal workout videos.
  3. Member-only blog posts
  4. Me! You can opt for monthly check-ins where I answer questions, offer feedback, and hear about your goals and progress.

The Singer-Athlete libraries are updated monthly. To learn more about becoming a OwJF Singer-Athlete and gain monthly access to these libraries, click HERE.





Judy Fine is a musician, vocal coach, and creative life coach who is committed to helping everyday people follow their passions. Using decades of experience as a singer, musician, and teacher, Judy has designed an approach to vocal improvement that combines the science of singing with targeted vocal workouts that expand range, power, richness and vocal agility. Judy is also a certified personal coach, who coaches singers (and other creative folks) who wish to find better balance and fulfillment in their overall lives.