Singer-Athlete Workout Series Starter Course

1010 students

This eight-week course incorporates knowledge of the body with skill-building exercises to increase vocal tone, range, agility, and stamina. You’ll leave this course with new skills and inspiration, including a solid understanding of how to make the most of your Singer-Athlete online membership.

Upon completion, you will have access to:

  1. The full Singer-Athlete Workout Series Audio Library of vocal exercises
  2. The member video library, which includes informational and vocal workout videos.
  3. Member-only blog posts (actually, you have access to this immediately).



Judy Fine is a musician, vocal coach, and creative life coach who is committed to helping everyday people follow their passions. Using her decades of experience, Judy has designed the Singer-Athlete Workout Series, an approach to vocal improvement that combines the science of singing with targeted vocal workouts that expand range, power, richness and vocal agility. Judy also has a Master of Music in Composition, and loves helping her students better read, create, and play music.