There is so much more to a solo musician career than playing songs!

You know this. That’s why you work hard to maintain your social media accounts, master your gear, and find new gigs. You’re gaining experience and taking small steps forward. Good for you!

But what if you could speed up that progress? Did you know you can design the direction your music career moves in, instead of just taking whatever happens to come your way?

You can!

  • By honing your craft to ensure the quality of your product.
  • By taking a deep dive into who you are as an artist, who your target audience is, and how to best reach them.
  • By taking control of your finances to take pressure off of your craft and free up resources as may be needed.
  • By creating a roadmap that takes into account your skills, your artistry, and your basic life needs and goals.

These are all things I help performers like you accomplish through creative career coaching. 

How do we begin to move your solo music career forward?

1. You share samples of your performances with me for simple evaluation.

I’ll prepare feedback about things like song choices, stage presence, and anything else that comes to mind or that you ask me to consider. 

2. We schedule our first online session. 

Session one will generally cover things like:

  • Understanding where you are currently as a performer and where you want to be.
  • Discussing what obstacles or challenges you’ve faced thus far and how we might get around them.
  • Sharing my feedback on your sample performances.
  • Prioritizing our steps for the next 1 to 3 sessions.

*A 6-month Singer-Athlete membership is included free for any 6-month coaching client.

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How’s your singing?

If you’re like many guitarists, you’ve spent hours/weeks/years improving your guitar skills, and by comparison, maybe minutes working on your singing chops. 

Yet, the average audience member will notice your singing long before your guitar playing. It can’t be an afterthought if you want to stand out as a performer. 

That’s where the Singer-Athlete membership comes in.

You barely have to think. At a minimum, you can go to the audio library, choose a playlist, hit play, and sing along. That alone 3 or 4 times a week will create huge changes in your singing. 

Now just imagine you make your way through the member’s Singer Starter Course and learn how to sing with your body, and get the most out of mouth shapes, and more. Or to change things up, you visit the archive of video tutorials and try a video workout with me. Now you’re hitting all the right notes! 

And that’s all on your own schedule for a low monthly cost (even lower if you pay up front for a year). 

Remember, you don’t have to be born with it. With the right workout routine, you can create an incredible singing voice!  

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