About Me

Judy Front Square

Speaking English confidently is about more than learning your grammar and pronunciation. It’s also about how you hold yourself, the tone of your voice, and how you breathe. I have been coaching people to present themselves with confidence for nearly 15 years. Since 2007, I’ve done this as a vocal & performance coach. Since 2012, I’ve done this as a life and creative coach. Now, I also do this as a TEFL-certified ESL coach.

  • Don’t be left out of the conversation.
  • Don’t laugh and just pretend to understand the joke. 
  • Don’t let your language performance underrepresent your abilities and intellect. 

Let me help you communicate with ease and confidence!

About Classes

Fine ESL Conversations never follow some predetermined curriculum. They are always custom designed around your goals, needs, and interests. Have an upcoming event you want to confidently navigate? Let’s spend a couple of sessions discussing vocabulary, idioms, and topics you may encounter while there. 

Classes take place online, so you can build your skills from just about anywhere! And they’re fun! Especially if you and a friend or family member sign up together. Up to three students can join together.

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ESL coaching sessions can be purchased individually (for one student) or in packages of five sessions. Click on photo to add to cart.

One Session = $25

Five Sessions = $100

Five Sessions for 2 = $150

Five Sessions for 3 = $200

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Try a free 20-minute session to see what ESL coaching is like.

Meet me online, introduce yourself, and let’s talk about ways you can become a confident and effective English conversationalist.

There’s no obligation to continue with future sessions.

Up to 3 people can join in one session (preferably each on their own computer).

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