Gifts for Singers

You've come to the right place if you're:

  • Looking for a great gift idea for the singer(s) in your life.
  • Looking for an easy way to show someone else what you'd like.

Some of the ideas here use affiliate links, which means I'll get a small kickback if you use the link to purchase something. Thanks in advance for doing that!

There are four categories of gift suggestions:

  1. Vocal Improvement
  2. Practice Tools
  3. Stage Gear & Performance Tools
  4. Miscellaneous thoughtful gifts

1. Vocal Improvement:

Vocal Coaching. The quickest and most effective way to help someone succeed at their singing goals is by teaching solid vocal technique while also providing an easy-to-follow vocal workout routine. The Singer-Athlete Workout Series provides the workouts no matter which of these two ways you offer the understanding of technique:  

  1. 1-on-1 lessons with me (I don't recommend this gift option unless you know the recipient is 100% committed to taking lessons) or a single assessment consult where the recipient gets to schedule an online meeting to share his/her goals for feedback and suggestions. You can purchase either and in the notes at checkout, or through my contact page, let me know who the lessons are for.
  2. My online singing course, the Singer-Athlete Workout Program. This is one of two DIY programs you can gift someone for 65% off this holiday season (see below). This one provides 10 lessons covering the foundational basics of great singing, and includes 10 weekly vocal workouts.

2. Practice Tools:

a. The Singer-Athlete Guided Workout Bundle includes three categories of vocal workouts (12 workouts in total), PLUS the Ultimate Quick Hit Singing Lesson, which teaches THE most important foundational skill of great singing. This is for the aspiring singer who's not interested in a deep dive into a singing course but wants to get right to working out his/her voice.

A gift voucher for the bundle or the full course can be purchased right from this page for 65% off. Click on the arrows beside each option in the graphic to learn more.

b. Mic & Speaker. Anyone who aspires to sing in front of an audience using a mic and PA needs to practice under similar conditions. Karaoke speakers are a good option for an at-home setup that fits various budgets. The technology is always changing, so the following link will bring you to a page of options to check out. I recommend a setup where the mic is separate from the speaker. (These are not suggestions for stage sound. That's below).

c. The Karafun App. I can't recommend this one enough. I use it to practice. This app has a huge library of songs to choose from, and you can:

  • Change the keys of songs
  • Change the speed of songs.
  • Sing with or without the lead singer
  • Sing with or without the backup singers.

You can download the app free, but it requires a monthly subscription to use, which currently is $9.99/month and can be cancelled at any time. This app is a perfect complement to karaoke practice gear. Click on the logo to check Karafun out:


3. Stage Gear & Performance Tools:

a. Microphones: 

Whether your goal is a bar band or singing ballads in the corner of a restaurant, a happy singer creates a kind of command center in his/her spot on stage. After all, this is where the magic happens!

The first, most important piece in this command center is your mic. Here are three good options, starting with an old reliable (and affordable) option and ending with my favorite (but more expensive).

Shure SM58

This is your standard stage mic. Every musician has, or has had, one. It's a decent, reliable, and affordable option.

Sennheiser e865

With this mic you'll be heard over your bandmates and sound great. BUT, be sure your PA/mixer has phantom power.

Neumann KMS105

My fav! Everyone sounds great using this mic. It's a lot more expensive than the other two, & also requires a mixer with phantom power.

b. "Shaky Things" & Holders

Years ago, I first heard a drummer friend refer to all his incidental percussion as "shaky things," and I've since adopted the term.

This is the next more important thing in a singer's command center. If you don't play another instrument as you sing, you absolutely want to learn how to be a great shaky-thing player.

It adds a nuanced but important layer of quality to the music and also adds value to what you can offer as a singer. Here are your ideal starter "shaky things."

You'll find less expensive tambourines on Amazon but I DO NOT recommend them unless they have the round handle of this tambourine. Your (gift recipient's) hand will thank me!

Shakers come in all different forms and sound qualities. But here is a well-made, great sounding, and affordable shaker perfect for the singer just starting out with hand percussion.

Rounding out my top three Shaky Things list for singers is a 7" cowbell with stick. This one is affordable and will cut through in a larger band sound, yet can be quieted with tape if needed.

This is one of two holders I use when I gig, and I love it. It makes it easy to pick up my shaker or tambourine while wrapping up a verse so I can start playing as soon as the guitar solo begins.

When I'm ready for an upgrade, I'll probably go with something like this. It covers all your command center needs and is modular, so you can customize it.

You don't have to get fancy with your onstage water bottle. But I do recommend a large one that keeps cool water cool and warm tea warm. This one gets the job done at a good price.

c. Small-Room PA

If you're working toward small-room gigs, like restaurants and cafe's, column PA's are a great option.

They're are a bit of an investment but sound great, are easily transported, and work well for both performance and practice.

I use a  JBL EON ONE MK2 which has battery back up and bluetooth. 

Really, I'm sharing the Eon because I have one and like it. But, if your intention is small cafe's only, you can get away with a 200w-300w (the Eon is 1500w). So, check out these other options, read reviews, and see what might best suit your (giftee's) needs.

4. Miscellaneous Thoughtful Gifts:

Just some creative ideas if you don't want to go the gear and vocal development route for your gift-giving.

  • For the aspiring singer who struggles to drink enough water, consider a gift of all-natural drink tablets from Waterdrop.
  • For the aspiring singer/songwriter, consider creating a fancy printout of one of their lyrics and framing it or having it made into a wall canvas, or in some other way showcasing it.
  • For the singer with congestion challenges, consider a Neti Pot for daily nasal washes and a humidifier to add moisture to the winter air.
  • And here's a GREAT book idea for aspiring singers who want to know how to best care for their voices, written by specialist, Dr. Anthony F. Jahn