Below are gear and gift recommendations, some from YouTube videos of mine. It’s meant to be educational, as well as a gift guide.

Whenever I release a new “Gifts for Singers” video, it will be added here. 

Use the Table of Contents to take you directly to categories of interest.


Table of Contents:

1. Vocal Development Gifts - Singer-Athlete Online Membership:

Know someone with singing aspirations?

Give the gift of singing greatness. Purchase either a 6- or 12-month Singer-Athlete online membership, which includes the 8-week Singer Starter Course, or a 6-month membership that includes six online lessons with me.

Members have access to a vast library of vocal workouts and members-only blog posts and video tutorials to build their skills and grow their knowledge for as long as they are members.

A coupon code will be sent directly to the recipient’s email address (or to you for forwarding later).

6-Mo Membership w/8-week Starter Course:

12-Mo Membership w/8-week Starter Course:

6-Mo Membership w/6 30-min online lessons:

2. Newbie Singer Stage Gear:

Shure SM58 Mic.

Neumann KMS105 Mic.

Bose L1 PA (No built-in reverb, so you’d need something like the Mackie mixer below to add reverb. Also, to use this as a main speaker and monitor, you’d have to set it up behind you, so both you and the audience can hear it).

Bose S1.

Fender Passport Venue PA.

Fender Event (I didn’t discuss this one in the video. It’s a smaller version of the Venue. Also a solid unit. No phantom power) .

Behringer Europort PA.

Mackie PROFX 4-Channel Mixer.

Behringer Eurolive Stage Monitor.

Nady PM-200A Personal Monitor.

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3. For Fronting a Band:

  1. Mic stand with removable boom, good height, and it’s strong enough to hold a heavy mic:
  2. Mic stand tray with cup holder:
  3. Shaker/tambourine mic stand attachment:
  4. Twist shaker:
  5. Rhythm Tech Live shaker:
  6. Rhythm Tech tambourine (there are cheaper tambourines on Amazon but I caution you to only purchase one with a rounded handle. Your hand will thank you at the end of the gig):
  7. Meinl cowbell: 8) Meinl cowbell beater:

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4. Karaoke Resources:

Karafun offers a monthly option or a two-day party pass to access their entire karaoke song library. 
Karaoke-Version allows you to further customize backing tracks and download them. 
Karaoke Version
Ion Audio Block Rocker Plus: 

A 100w speaker with mic and bluetooth.

Innopow Dual Wireless Mics:

An affordable wireless mic system.

iPad/Tablet Stand:
Choose one that fits your device.

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5. Songwriting/Soloing Gifts:

Okay, so you have an aspiring singer/songwriter on your shopping list, and you want to help this person get the ball rolling on their dream. Or maybe you’re the aspiring singer/songwriter and you want to drop Santa a hint. Either way, here are 4 gift ideas for you to consider.

1) Songwriting lessons

2) DIY PDFs.

3) Band in a Box

For Windows

For Mac 

Not for R&B beats type songwriting. 

4) Beats Songwriting 

Beats Video 1: 

Beats Video 2:

Beats Website:

5) Musicnotes

6) Book recommendations

The Chord Wheel.

Emotion Thesaurus.

Tunesmith: Inside the Art of Songwriting.