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Girls Singing Lessons

Help your daughter find her voice!

A simple, affordable, and fun way to:

Follow her singing dreams

Show her she can work toward improving any skill

Build her confidence

Encourage her creativity

Provide a life-long outlet (and a natural, drug-free high)

Why lessons for girls?

Because young girls love to sing, and I love to use that passion to build their confidence and self-belief before or as they navigate those tough tween years.

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Feeling overwhelmed with carting your kids around to all their various activities?


That’s the beauty of online lessons! You can be home getting dinner ready while your daughter is pursuing something she’s passionate about a few feet away.

If you prefer the in-person experience and you live in the Granby, MA area, my studio is open!

Getting started is simple. Just select an online or in-person package.

Online or in Granby, MA

1, 5, or 12 Lessons

About My Approach

I had a wonderful vocal coach when I was young who taught me solid technique. Yet, I needed more. I struggled with performance anxiety and a general disbelief that I had something unique and valuable to share with the world. This carried over into other areas of my life and hindered my success. That’s why my goal today is to teach every student to love the sound of her voice and learn to share it unabashedly. And that's my goal for your daughter. My promise to you is to do my best to teach your daughter confidence and self-belief, no matter how she ultimately decides to share herself with the world.
- Judy Fine

That confidence-building is backed by years of musical training and experience. I am…

Someone who:

Becomes a friend and mentor to every student.

Someone who:

Has decades of experience performing in bands as a singer and keyboardist.

Someone who:

Is trained to teach keyboard skills, songwriting, sight-reading and ear training, in case your daughter’s interests expand in those directions.

Someone who:

Has helped girls feel better about their singing and themselves since 2007.

Someone who:

Holds a Master of Music in Composition from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Someone who:

Encourages your daughter to embrace who she is, not compare herself to others.

Student Projects

Learning online doesn’t mean losing out on performance or project opportunities. Students often:

  • Perform for friends and family live or on Zoom
  • Prepare video or audio recordings as fun gifts
  • Team up with other online students for combined projects


Are online lessons really as good as in-person lessons?
Absolutely! To young people, life online is completely normal and commonplace. They are way more comfortable than most of us older folks with the Zoom experience. Meanwhile, I can hear, see, and address what they are doing just the way I can when we’re standing in the same room. Yet, you don’t have to fit drive- and wait-time into your busy schedule!
What are lessons like?
For a young student, singing lessons have two main components. First is planting the seeds of good technique, without squashing her passion or making her think too much. The second is creating experiences that gently nudge her beyond her comfort zone, like recording herself performing or creating a Zoom performance for friends and family members.
What if I'm not sure my daughter has the natural talent to be a singer?
There are those who exhibit naturally advanced skills at a young age, but most of us mere mortals have to develop our abilities over time. There is just no telling where time spent on a passion can lead a person. Meanwhile, there are countless other benefits to singing lessons that have nothing to do with being a professional singer, including confidence-building and developing a positive, life-long creative outlet.
How often do lessons happen?
Once a week is the most common frequency. Some students opt for two lessons every week, which greatly speeds up progress. Anything less than once a week invariably leads to momentum problems and inhibits success.
What is your teaching philosophy?
You child is a natural learner, as long as I don’t get in her way. My role is to guide her progress, acknowledge her wins, and help her see the value in what she can accomplish.
What is your training and experience?
My degrees are in music composition. When I was in my thirties, and I discovered that the athlete mentality was the key to success as a singer, I completed a certification course in modern vocal technique (2007) and added vocal coaching to my list of teaching services. I was already a gigging singer and keyboardist at that point, and have been most of my adult life.