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Online With Judy Fine – Group Singers

Singer-Athlete Group Singer Memberships – Help your singing group shine!

Improve Vocal Technique

Practice Harmonizing

Improve Pitch & Range

Learn to Sight Sing

Imrpove Tone & Resonance

& More!

Singer-Athlete Membership is fun, easy, and has all the tools & information needed to excel!

Got Questions? Let's Chat!

EXPLORE - Monthly

Explore the program yourself to experience this value-packed membership

$19 or less monthly

ENGAGE - 6 months

Engage your members with full access to the complete library of resources.

$96 or less

ENJOY - 12 months

Watching your group's talent, performance and overall enjoyment increase!

$156 or less

Your group will enjoy discounted access to The Singer-Athlete online membership program, including:

  • The Singer Starter course, which covers all the basics of great vocal technique. Members can move through the course at their own speed and return to it at any point during their membership.
  • The Singer-Athlete Vocal Workout Library. This audio library has warm-ups and vocal exercises for every singing goal. Assign particular exercises to your group participants or allow them to explore on their own.
  • The Harmonizing Practice Series, a vocal workout series designed to help singers find their correct note within a chord and hold it while hearing other notes.
  • Sight-Singing 101, a course in reading/singing simple melodies within a key using solfeggio.
  • Member discounts. Members can schedule one-on-one sessions with me for direct feedback and guidance at a discounted rate.
  • Private Facebook Group: Connect with others who have a passion for singing. Your participants can share their questions, goals and more with other members.

If you are not already sure that this membership is an incredible opportunity for your group, let’s hop on a free call. Meanwhile, check it out for yourself! I will sign you up for a free week to explore everything this membership has to offer!

Choir Directors, Request a Free Week

Use your week to test out the membership perks before recommending it to your groups!

Your members will receive a valuable discount!

Choir Directors, Request a Free Week


Is there a Singer-Athlete membership trial period?
New members have seven days from the date of purchase to request and receive a full refund.
Why are members called Singer-Athletes?
Because training your voice is about building muscles, developing motor skills and staying in shape through regular workouts – like an athlete. And that’s what membership provides!
How difficult is it to access content?
All membership content is easily accessed through the LOGIN link at If you have any problems, just reach out to me for assistance.
How much time should I practice each week?
For building muscle and motor habits, members should try to practice a minimum of 3 times per week for 30 to 45 minutes.
What if I don't experience any improvement?
If you follow the workout routines, starter course and general advice given, it’s basically impossible not to improve. But if you’d like to speed up progress, reach out via the private Facebook page or schedule a single lesson with me for feedback and suggestions.
Some people tell me I am not hitting the right notes. Can membership help me with this?
There are many pitch-related exercises in the Singer-Athlete workout series. But pitch can be hard to pinpoint on your own. Members who want to improve pitch should ideally schedule a one-on-one lesson so I can give you specific feedback that you can then work with by yourself.
I purchased a month-to-month membership but would like to upgrade my membership length. Can I do that?
If you wish to upgrade to either 6 or 12 months of membership after your first month of membership, you can do so by paying the difference. Just reach out through the website.