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Hobbyist to Gigging Singer Artist Development Program

The Hobbyist to Gigging Singer Program helps you:

  • Polish your singing chops.
  • Improve your performance chops.
  • Develop your artist brand.
  • Create a roadmap to your dream.
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Judy took a nonsinger such as myself and allowed me to now credibly gig with professional singers here in town.

-Leonard Avril

Two Ways to Follow Your Hobbyist-to-Gigging-Singer Dream!

The One-On-One Artist Development Package:

For six months, we’ll meet two times each month to work on your singing and performance chops, and two times each month for your artist development sessions. Over the course of these sessions you will:

  • Polish your singing skills
  • Develop your musicianship
  • Create your artist brand
  • Hone your performance skills
  • Create your public profile w/demos
  • Begin networking with other musicians
  • Create a financial roadmap

Between sessions, email or text as often as you need for feedback and support.

Optional extras for an additional fee:

  • Managing performance anxiety and imposter syndrome
  • Songwriting analysis/development
  • Ear training and harmonizing
  • Music theory for singers

Upon completion of the program, graduates enjoy lifetime access to both the Singer-Athlete vocal workout libraries and to me via the private Facebook group or other graduate communication forums.

One-On-One Coaching

The Online DIY Course:

Ten lessons with weekly workouts covering the foundational basics of great singing, like how to sing with your body, how to practice effectively, how to stretch your range, and more.

Optional theory extras from the Music Theory for Singers series of online workbooks, with extended access to the course so you can take your time getting through them.

Performance extras that include select videos from various video lecture series pertaining to performance and singer success.

Weekly reflections to help you unearth the artist inside you and stay true to that artist as you pursue your dream.

The DIY Course

Judy is an amazing teacher and coach. She meets you right where you are and teaches in a very accessible way, helping you reach your goals and beyond.

-Judy Blake

The Singer-Athlete Vocal Workout Series…

is the heart of Hobbyist to Gigging Singer Artist Development Program. Because a great singing dream begins with great singing!

This collection of lessons and vocal workouts will take whatever voice you were born with and make it the absolute best it can be.

Take it from me, someone who was born an average singer but who used these tools and methods to make singing my life!

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Judy has a practical nuts-and-bolts approach to vocal production combined with a sharp eye for seeing what can help in the moment for the singer.

-Anne T