The Singer-Athlete Workout Program

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A 10-lesson course that turns mere mortals into great singers! 

  • Easy-to-digest, informative lessons.
  • Weekly video tutorial(s) to connect the lesson with that week's workout.
  • A weekly workout to develop the muscles and motor habits necessary for great singing
  • A private Singer-Athlete Facebook group where you can get feedback, suggestions, support, and all your questions answered along your journey.

*Upon completion of the course, you can choose (and I highly recommend) to submit a video of you singing for feedback, and then up to 2 follow-up videos.

**Upon completion, you can also choose to have continued access to my complete vocal workout library by the day or year!

"I am a songwriter and musician with 2 studio albums under my belt and I have been impressed with Judy's approach, professionalism, and knowledge of technique."

Harry Griendling

Although we all begin with different natural levels of singing ability, every professional singer you hear has needed (and continues) to work on his or her voice.

That's how to become a singer!

It's not a matter of being born with it or learning a few tricks that magically transform your ability. Great singing is the result of embracing the athlete mentality, which means combining the right tools and information with a consistent workout routine. 

That's why great singing is absolutely attainable for you.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Here is your step!

How to become a singer

I know this course will propel your singing forward, but you don't have to take my word for it. 
Try the first module for free.

Module 1 of the Singer-Athlete Workout Program is waiting for you to try - no commitment and no need to enter your payment information. That's how confident I am that this program will win you over. 

Follow my suggestions and you'll see improvements in the first week!