How to Pursue the Life of a Singer, for Everyone

Everyone and anyone can strive to live the life of a singer. You don’t have to be young, you don’t have to make it your career, and you don’t have to compete on the Voice.

Giving singing a prominent role in your life is a lifestyle choice.

I won’t rehash (you can check out this video) all the mental and physical benefits of singing. But there are many, just as there are many benefits to pursuing any dream in general.

There are common misconceptions that prevent many potential singers from pursuing their love of singing.

Since I want you to pursue what you love, I will address those misconceptions now. See if you’ve been hearing any of these discouragements inside your own thoughts:

  • You’re either born a singer or not: I’ve talked about this many times. Singing is a skill and any skill can be learned (there is one extra challenge that some would-be singers face, which is having difficulty matching pitches. But this is also a skill and can be improved for most people).
  • “I’m too old to pursue singing now”: If singing adds joy to your life, gives you a challenge and a sense of purpose, and helps create new social outlets (choirs or karaoke nights), tell me again why you need to be young to do it?
  • “I’ll never be famous (or a pro, or something else)”: If singing adds joy to your life, gives you a challenge and a sense of purpose, and helps create new social outlets, tell me again why you need to be famous to do it?

If the idea of taking your singing beyond the shower draws you, do it.

We creatives are frequently made to feel that we have to justify choosing a creative life. Um, no. You don’t have to justify any of your life choices (presuming you’re not breaking the law or hurting anyone, etc…)

If you want to pursue the life of a singer, you don’t need a good reason. Just do it. But do it in a way that is sustainable and keeps feeling good. Here’s how you can do that…

8 Steps to Pursuing the Life of a Singer, for Everyone

  1. Determine what the life of a singer (at least as of this moment) looks like for you. Maybe you want to rock the Karaoke circuit. Maybe you want to join a choir. Maybe you want to pick up some restaurant gigs with your guitarist friend. Maybe you want to start of YouTube channel with videos of your originals. There are countless ways to be a singer. What do you want yours to be?
  2. Set your first (realistic) goal. Plan something a few months out, a video of you singing, an audition, an open mic night. Nothing motivates like a deadline. But don’t set unfair or unrealistic expectations.
  3. Start developing your skills. And when I say “start” I mean it. Because taking on the singer lifestyle means you never stop working on your skills. For most, this means finding a vocal coach (be picky here). If that’s not an option, find some kind of vocal workout resource with warm-ups, exercises, and advice. I happen to know of one, wink, wink (
  4. Adjust other areas of your life to maximize your singing life. Diet, sleep, exercise, relational support, and finances all play a role in the success of any lifestyle. If you’re choosing a singer’s lifestyle, your singing has to be a factor in all your day-to-day choices.
  5. Don’t rush. Lifestyles aren’t delivered overnight. They develop over time as you gather experiences.
  6. Think big picture. Since this is a lifestyle choice, no single event should carry too much weight. Did you brave your first karaoke night and it didn’t go so well? Figure out what you need to improve and try it again. No biggie.
  7. Keep it fun. Find like-minded people (open mic’s, choir friends, online forums), focus on progress (rather than what you still haven’t accomplished), and turn down the volume on any judgmental voices in your head.
  8. Remember there is nothing to prove. You’re just living life the way you want to. That’s something to be proud of!

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