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Confidence Coaching – Your Ideal Life Persona

Who is the Your Ideal Life Persona confidence coaching model for?

For you, if you’re a woman who feels your personal and/or professional life is not aligned with the person you truly are. Together, we’ll unearth the real you who has been buried beneath negative conditioning, imposter syndrome, and other weighty challenges. Once you’re realigned with the real, wise, and confident you, we’ll work together to get you back on track toward the life you were meant to live.

You can find out if the Your Ideal Life Persona coaching model is for you by booking a free online consultation. There’s absolutely no obligation to sign on!

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Being confident in who you are and where you’re going is the key to happiness. Are you ready to be happy?


A Confidence Coaching Package Includes:

The Your Life Persona Course

a 6-month program to move you past obstacles and toward true confidence.

Four Hour-Long Sessions Per Month

during which we work through the steps of the Your Life Persona course to rewrite the script of who and how you are.

Email or Text Check-Ins

between sessions as needed to maintain progress when we’re apart.

Honest and Constructive Feedback

so you can feel sure about your choices and direction as we move forward.

Encouragement and Accountability

so you stay productive and on-track as you implement changes.

Support and Adjustments

We’ll learn as we go and make real-time adjustments as needed.

Performing your absolute best in your personal life means:

  • Speaking your mind
  • Saying “no” to anything that doesn’t align with who you are
  • Setting and keeping boundaries
  • Forgiving your imperfections
  • Knowing and sharing the value of your strengths
  • Allowing yourself to improve and evolve

Performing your absolute best in your professional life means:

  • Sharing your ideas unabashedly
  • Saying “no” to anything that doesn’t further your career goals
  • Saying “yes” to beneficial advancement opportunities
  • Still believing in yourself as you make mistakes and learn from them
  • Knowing and charging for the value of your insights and experience
  • Feeling and behaving as an equal among colleagues

Did you know that firms with more women in senior positions are more profitable, more socially responsible, and provide safer, higher-quality customer experiences?

That means, building your confidence won’t just benefit you and your career. It will also benefit your clients, your colleagues, your employer, your family, and your community.

Over the last few months I have been more brave than ever.

-Sarah Stout

You Don’t Have to Find Your Way Alone.

How Confidence Coaching Works:

By Defining Your Life Persona: Your confidence begins at understanding who you truly are and how you need things to be.

By Finding Your Voice: Once you’re clear on your persona, you will practice unabashedly sharing that person with the world.

By Understanding Inner Obstacles: Voicing your true self with confidence requires understanding why you haven’t been able to do so before now.

By Transforming Outer Obstacles : Things like relationships, finances, and health will all play a roll in your success.

Getting started is simple!

The first step toward your new confident future begins with a free consultation. Use the button below to schedule a time to chat about your goals and find out if confidence coaching is right for you.

(Got at least two friends who would be interested in small-group confidence coaching? Ask me about the small-group coaching option!)

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