Ready to Believe in Yourself?

Do you struggle with feeling like you don't deserve the things you've accomplished, or want to accomplish?

Maybe you go after the life you want in small ways, but it feels like you never quite reach it. Like maybe great things only happen to other people. Like maybe the next project you attempt will be the one where everyone discovers you're a fraud.

How do you go after a life you really want, when it could become the living proof of how you don't deserve it?

It's almost impossible to do.

Is the problem that you're not capable and deserving?

What if the problem is that you just don't know ways to tap into how capable and deserving you actually are?

What if the work you're doing to improve yourself is only addressing the symptoms and not the cause of your lack in confidence?

There's a person inside you, who knows you better than you know yourself - your worth, your desires, your potential. That person you really are is waiting for you. You only need to free her (and then, she will free you!).

I'm Judy Fine.

I'm a vocal, performance, & confidence coach for women. I've been coaching singers since 2007. In 2012, after witnessing my methods were building confident people - not just confident singers - I started coaching non-singers who also wanted greater confidence and self-belief.

My personal journey was long. I was what some might call a "late-bloomer" - because of the feelings I described above. Because I thought working on my singing skills would solve the confidence problem I faced when trying to share my singing with the world. I was wrong. 

Confidence is its own skill to be developed.

When I finally found my way back to me... Well, words can hardly describe it... 

How freeing it was to be accountable only to me. How proud I felt answering the question, "What have you been up to?" How easy it became to make the right decisions for myself because my internal compass had been recalibrated.

Does your internal compass need recalibrating?

You don't have to go it alone. Take advantage of what I learned over my decades-long personal journey and 15+ years of helping singers and non-singers build the confidence to go fully after their dreams. 

That's why I created the Your Ideal Life confidence coaching model - to help people like you rediscover the person they were always meant to be and then build a confidence and successful life aligned with that person.

Here's how it begins...

A coaching relationship begins after you book a free first consultation with me. This first step is by far the scariest and most difficult part of the journey. That's why I promise you these two things:

  1. I don't bite!
  2. I don't do high pressure sales.

If, after our up-to 60-minute conversation, you feel ready to take on confidence-building yourself, no worries. I will wish you the best and you'll be on your way. 

If you decide to continue with a coaching package or mini module, this session will become our first planning session. You'll leave the call with your first to-do list to start moving forward.

How much does confidence coaching cost?

It depends on where you are and where you want to be. There are 2 coaching paths:

1. A 3-month confidence coaching package. In this program, we unearth the real you, figure out how she got buried (so you don't do it again), give her a voice and a name, and then practice letting her take the wheel in your life. And I'm there to support you between sessions through text/email exchanges as you implement changes and face real-time challenges.

2. Confidence Coaching Mini Modules. Over the course of four weekly sessions, we'll jumpstart your new, more confident future and leave you with a plan for how to continue beyond the module.

Not sure how to move forward? Sign up for a free 30-minute consult and tell me about yourself and your goals. I'll recommend the coaching/module options that I think will best serve you.

If you decide to continue with a coaching package, we'll continue the consult for a full hour-long first session. You'll leave with "homework" for our next session.

If you decide not to continue with a coaching package, our discussion will leave you with plenty of food for thought that you can use on your own. 

Are you ready to move forward toward greater confidence?