In Transition? It’s Time to Pursue Your Love of Singing

If you are in a transition in life – you’re an empty nester, your primary relationship just ended, or something else – now is the time to make your love of singing a more central component of your daily existence.


If there is a singer beneath your surface yearning to get out, there’s no better time to set him or her free. You’ll find more fulfillment. You’ll reap physical, mental, and emotional benefits (from both singing and pursuing a dream). And you will begin to surround yourself with others who share your passions. It sounds like a great plan, doesn’t it? Do it.

Some of you may know that I have dabbled in Creative Life Coaching, as in life coaching for creative people. I completed a life coaching certification in 2012 that helped deepen my teaching skills immensely. It seemed a fitting addition to my skill set since many of my students over the years have been older folks trying to find more fulfillment and who were discouraged (by themselves or others) away from pursing creativity earlier in their lives.

If you’re a creative person, creating is a must for happiness. That includes those of you who love singing.

There are so many reasons to pursue a love of singing, and so many reasons our culture tells you it’s silly. The truth is, however, that living a fulfilling life is as important as eating well and exercising. It’s a matter of physical, mental and emotional health.

I briefly touch on some of the benefits in the video below.

Whether or not you check out the video, consider downloading one of the free Circles of Perspective from my website. It’s a simple life coaching tool that can help you analyze how you’re balancing the many aspects of a particular topic. The three topics available as I write this post are Singing Skills, Time Balance, and Life Balance. You can find them on my Free Downloads page.

If you’re feeling that spark of singing desire growing in you, watch this video to see if I can push you over the edge into a life of happiness and fulfillment! Let me know your thoughts!