Karaoke Resources

The OwJF online courses and vocal exercises are a great way to grow your singing skills. Now let’s enjoy those new skills! How?

Karaoke, of course!

Below are two websites that allow you to customize background tracks as you wish. You can:

  • Access a vast library of quality karaoke tracks
  • Raise or lower keys
  • Exclude or turn down lead vocals
  • Exclude or turn down backup vocals

Karafun offers a monthly access option or a two-day party pass to access their entire song library. 

(If you’ve never offered karaoke at your house parties, do it. EVERYONE has fun!)

Click image to check out Karafun:


Karaoke-Version allows you to further customize backing tracks. That includes eliminating certain instruments if you or someone you hang out with would like to play along as you sing.

Click image to explore Karaoke-Version!

Karaoke Version

Gear Suggestions for Your Karaoke Lifestyle:

If you use a Karafun app on your tablet or laptop, or you make custom karaoke tracks using karaoke-version, all that you need to become the neighborhood party house is a mic or two and speaker. Here are some gear suggestions to complete your karaoke setup.

(click on the images to see details)

Ion Audio Block Rocker Plus: 

A 100w speaker with mic and bluetooth.

Innopow Dual Wireless Mics:

An affordable wireless mic system.

A stand for reading lyrics:

Be sure to choose one that fits your devise.