Whether vocal coaching or teaching keys and music theory, one thing is more important to me than all others. The tradition of music education can never be more important than the student. Sounds obvious, I know, but it’s frequently not the case. 

What does this mean? It means that I’ll provide the tools and techniques to bring out that musical artist living inside you, but you decide what music we work on and you tell me if a certain approach doesn’t make sense or match your learning style. It’s my job to teach you. It’s not up to you to change to match my predetermined curriculum. I have the experience and training to be flexible and meet you where you are!

Online Lessons

Online lessons are the same as in person lessons, except with some very worthwhile pluses:

  • You can take your lesson from anywhere there is a reliable internet connection.
  • No drive time means an easier fit into your busy schedule.
  • Driving conditions won’t effect your availability for lessons.
  • Either one of us being under the weather won’t risk the health of the other person.
  • Lessons can be recorded (your choice) to help you remember what we covered last. 

I use Zoom as an online coaching platform (Request a Free Test Session), and I have many online tools in place to make progress smooth and easy:

  • Online Access to Vocal Exercises
  • Video Tutorials
  • Piano Music/Exercise PDFs
  • Theory/Songwriting PDFs


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The “textbook” for singing students is the Singer-Athlete libraries of vocal exercises. These vocal exercise playlists make practice easy and effective. Purchase by 1, 3, or 12 months.

30 minutes of direct coaching is a great length for young students (voice and keys/theory), or for older students who are looking to focus primarily on technique.

(must be used within 7 weeks)

(must be used within 15 weeks)

45 minutes of direct coaching is an ideal length for both singers and keys/theory students. This allows ample time for both technique and song work.

(must be used within 7 weeks)

(must be used within 15 weeks)

60 Minutes of direct coaching is for those who want lots of time to spend on song work, or who want to combine vocal coaching with keyboard/theory lessons.

(must be used within 7 weeks)

(must be used within 15 weeks)