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Vocal Workout Library

Vocal Workout Library

Ready to work on your singing? Follow my suggestions to design today’s perfect regimen!

Warm Up:

Begin with one exercise from each of the following three playlists (palmLESS presses are advanced and shouldn’t be rushed to):

Rib Cage Exercises

Buzz Warmups

Tongue-Stretch Warmups


Choose 2 – 3 exercises from these three playlists.

*Advanced Foundational exercises are intended for members who have already made headway with the other two playlists.

Beginner Basics

Foundational Exercises

Advanced Foundational

Skill-Specific Playlists:

These exercises aren’t meant for beginners. I used some of them in the Starter Course to give you an overview of concepts. But I recommend making headway with the Advanced Foundational playlist before further exploring the following exercises.

Pitch and Range Focused


Word Agility

Oh and Ooh

How-To Video Archive: