Find and confidently live according to your true voice!

What is living according to your true voice?

  • Being the real you and not what you think you should be. 
  • Doing what really feels satisfying and not what you think should feel satisfying. 
  • Shedding the voices and desires of others that you’ve unknowingly taken on as your own and designing a life that is made specifically and uniquely for you.


  • You CAN be a responsible adult while being true to your inner voice.
  • You are NOT required to please anyone else with your goals or lifestyle choices.
  • You CAN design a lifestyle that both frees you to live according to your nature and sustains you through life’s ups and downs.

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About Me:

Hello! I’m Judy Fine. I have a Master of Music in Composition and have performed in many cover and function bands over the years, as a singer and keyboardist. I first officially hung a shingle as a vocal coach and private music teacher in 2007. In 2012, I completed a certification as a personal coach from the Fowler Wainwright Institute and began life coaching creative folks toward their best lives. 

When I was young, I found myself surrounded by folks who wanted to discourage me from following my creative instincts when it came to my life direction. I was regularly bombarded with words like “realistic” and “real job.” It’s no wonder I floundered in my twenties. Of course, these adults were giving me advice they believed was helpful. They were wrong, though, because they didn’t understand the creative personality. We creatives MUST create or we wilt – whether it be in an art discipline or just building an original life that feels true to our nature (and not other people’s expectations).

Once I found my way and built a life that felt unique and important, I found happiness, stability, and self-respect. Now it’s my mission to help others find the same, whether or not it involves the creative arts. No matter the details, let’s get to the task of finding your true voice and best life! Request a free consultation…

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