Creative Success Coaching

You don't have to live in a box created by other people. Be your true self and live your true life!

Judy Front

As a creative success coach, I help folks like you break the chains of other people’s expectations and rules. This is your life. You define it. You design it!

Something or some things have been stopping you from living your best life up until now. Let’s uncover those obstacles and implement a plan to buzz right past them. For you, that may include the pursuit of creative passions, but it doesn’t have to. Making the life that you want is a creative project all by itself!


  • It is NEVER selfish to invest time, energy, or resources into building a happy life.
  • You CAN be a responsible adult while pursing a life you love.
  • You are NOT required to please anyone else with your goals or choices.
  • You DESERVE support and assistance as you go after the life you want.

Don’t hesitate to Contact me to schedule a free chat to determine whether we are a good match for a coaching relationship. 

Life/Creativity Individual Coaching:

Group Coaching:

Group coaching is a great option to consider. Not only is it more affordable, but success and motivation are greatly enhanced by the social and supportive aspects. 

Free Webinars:

I occassionally offer a variety of free online presentations. Some are specific to singing, others cover important aspects of coaching. To stay in the loop, follow me on Eventbrite or my coaching Facebook page.