Navigate Your Way to a Passion-Centered Life.

Six Months from now you could be living a life that is both self-sufficient and true to your nature and lifestyle goals. I’ll help you define, design, and navigate your way to a sustainable passion-centered life.

Judy Front

What is a passion-centered life?

Maybe for you it’s making an artistic medium all or part of your livelihood. Or maybe you want to be a full-time RVer, or live successfully off-grid. Or maybe your passions are high-priority hobbies that evolve and change (as mine have) and you just want the freedom and ability to follow where they lead.


  • You CAN be a responsible adult while pursing a passion-centered life.
  • You are NOT required to please anyone else with your goals or lifestyle choices.
  • You CAN design a lifestyle that both frees you to live according to your nature and sustains you through life’s ups and downs.

Contact me to schedule a free chat to think out your goals and determine whether we are a good match for a coaching relationship. I look forward to hearing from you!