Love Your Head Voice!

Yes. You can learn to love your head voice. If you come from a choral background, you may already love it. But a lot of singers who start from a popular music background don’t.

Why are so many of us comfortable in our chest voices and not in our head voices? That’s easy. You practice your chest voice every day, when you speak. And because developing your voice is about muscle building and motor memory, your chest voice (or at least your speaking range) is worked out daily.

What exactly is your head voice? It’s the upper part of your range (where you experience a greater vibration in your head). In my version of laymen’s terms, it’s the part of your range where you have to change the way you sing or you can’t hit the notes. For a lot of singers, this part of their range is thinner, breathier and weak. But it doesn’t have to be.

So, how can you develop your head voice? By working it out!

In the video below, I selected vocal exercises from the Singer-Athlete Workout Series to create a basic warmup/workout routine with a focus on your head voice. Here are a couple of things to remember as you try the workout:

  • Sing with an easy-going volume. Pushing for too much volume can create unnecessary tension. An easy-going volume will help you focus on maintaining relaxed shoulders, neck and jaw.
  • Don’t try to create vibrato. Prettying up the sound by forcing vibrato is another way to create unnecessary tension. If vibrato happens naturally, fine. But don’t try to make it happen. Which leads me to…
  • Don’t care about how you sound. This is a workout routine, not a performance. How you sound is irrelevant. How you create your sound is all that matters.
  • Repetition is key. Do the workout multiple times (on multiple days) to get the full benefit. Again this is about building muscles. If you want to maintain strong abs, you have to keep doing ab exercises. If you want to maintain a strong head voice, you have to keep doing head voice exercises. (When you get tired of this routine, there are others HERE).

Enjoy the routine, and feel free to reach out to me with questions!