All Serious Singers Should Learn Music Theory.

Why? Because music theory will make you a better singer, harmonizer, bandmate. Your timing will improve. Your ad libbing will improve.

And when you’re working with other musicians, you will understand what the instrumentalists are talking about, and you will be an active contributor to the creative process.

You’ll be a peer, and not a subordinate.

And, of course, if you’re interested in songwriting, learning music theory should be a no-brainer. If you’re writing songs now, despite not knowing theory or playing an instrument, cool! But if you don’t improve your understanding of music, you will quickly become a one-trick pony and lose your creative draw.

Not Sure DIY theory lessons are for you? Instead, choose one-on-one Lessons.

Theory & Songwriting Workbooks

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    Music Theory for Singers Workbook Bundle

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  • Music Theory for Singers: The Chord Book


    Work at your own pace and in manageable steps to learn the basics of music theory that all singers and aspiring songwriters should know.

  • Songwriter’s Workbook: Expanding Chord Choices


    Chord Book supplemental to help your songwriting stand out by creating more interesting chord progressions.

  • Songwriter’s Workbook: Using Minor Keys


    Chord Book supplemental to expand your songwriting options by using minor keys.

  • Songwriter’s Workbook: Write Better Lyrics


    Understand song structure and analyze great lyrics to help improve your own writing.