DIY Online Singing Course & Membership

Here it is. The answer to your singing aspirations! 

The Singer-Athlete Workout Series

This is a collection of warmups and targeted vocal workouts I designed and fine-tuned for over a decade. The series as a whole covers every aspect of singing you want to master to perform like a pro.

These are the exercises I’ve used to help countless singers (myself included) go from being a decent singer, to being a great singer.

In conjunction with these highly effective vocal exercises, you’ll learn the information necessary to understand how your body works and how great singing can become your reality. 

There are three ways to reap the rewards of this vocal workout series:

  1. On your own (using the DIY options below).
  2. In combination with periodic online sessions with me.
  3. By becoming a student.

DIY Options:

Singer-Athlete online members have anytime access to my library of audio vocal workout sets, my library of video workouts and tutorials, and informative member-only blog posts. New members begin with the 8-week online singing starter course to help you make the most of membership. Memberships are refundable within seven (7) days from date of purchase.

* If you want to gift someone a Singer-Athlete Membership Click Here.

12-Month Access

Best DIY deal! 12-month access to the Singer-Athlete audio & video libraries and member-only posts (w/starter course).

6-Month Access

6-month access to the Singer-Athlete audio and video libraries and member-only blog posts (w/starter course).

6-Month Combo

6-month membership plus 6 thirty-minute online sessions with me (1 x week for the first 6 weeks or 1 x month).

Member Cont'd

3- or 12-mo continuation (after completing the starter course).