Judy Fine

Vocal, Performance, & Confidence Coach

For over fifteen years, I have been on a mission to help people quiet the voice in their heads that says, "It's too late for me to be the person I used to dream of being."

This means building the confidence and self-belief to unearth a forgotten piece of yourself, polish that person off, and give him/her a prominent role in your current life.

Realigning with yourself in this way creates a sense of pride, adventure, fulfillment, and the feeling that you're living a life that matters, all of which leads to greater happiness and improved wellbeing.


When I began vocal coaching in 2007, I almost immediately encountered something that would come to shape the direction of my career. I noticed the success of each student hinged not on their singing ability but on the strength of the student's confidence and self-belief. It quickly became clear that I would need to coach much more than vocal technique. I would have to help students build the genuine confidence to share their voices with the world. 

As my students began to blossom, it was evident that the genuine confidence helping them as singers also helped in every other area of their lives. But it wasn't confidence alone that made them happier and healthier. It was the combination of self-belief with having an authentic sense of doing something that matters. 

This has become my personal mission - to help as many people as I can learn to believe in themselves and live a life that matters to them, including singers who want to recapture a lost singing dream.

Signature Topics

  • Overcoming imposter syndrome and performance anxiety to perform your best in work and life.
  • How to workshop your fantasies to get clear on what your heart really wants.
  • The power of creating your ideal "stage" persona.
  • The importance of having a sense of purpose.

Suggested Questions

  • What's your backstory with confidence and how does it impact your work with others today?
  • You use the phrase "genuine confidence" a lot. Are you making a distinction from other types of confidence?
  • What are some simple changes someone listening can make right now to improve their confidence and self-belief?

Want me for your show/event?

Whether as speaker, podcast guest, or workshop leader, I'll do my best to make your audience laugh all the way to self-belief and purpose. Contact me with any questions today!

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