Unleash the Confidence to Perform Under Pressure!

Let your expertise and value shine through, every time!

  • Does moving forward in your career require confident and effective presentations? 
  • Do you struggle to stay clear-headed and on point when under pressure?
  • Is there another way a lack of performance confidence is getting in the way of your best life?

Then performance coaching is for you.

Learn how to stay strong in your body and in your mind when it counts the most. You can show the world the full extent of your expertise and value!

About Judy Fine, Performance Coach:

A tale of two Judys…

Judy Number One:

  • Scared, eyes closed, back hunched.
  • Afraid everyone will find out she’s an imposter.
  • For days leading up to a gig, she’s grumpy, develops cold symptoms, and hates the woman in her mirror.
  • At night after a gig, she stares at the ceiling for hours recounting all the ways her performance was inadequate.

Judy Number Two:

  • Eyes open, spine straight, laughing and having fun.
  • For days leading up to a gig, she’s excited and invites all her friends.
  • At night after a gig, she feels satisfied and motivated for the next performance.
  • She gets a good night’s sleep.

Don’t be Judy Number One. Using the tools and practices I developed as a vocal and vocal performance coach, it took me more than a decade to become that new and improved version of myself. And it made my life as a whole infinitely more satisfying and more successful. I can point you in that same direction in 3 months, or walk you through the finish line to a bold new you in 12 months. Contact me to find out how performance coaching can change your life!

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