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Keyboard Lessons

What comes to mind when you think, “piano teacher?”

  • An older woman with hair in a tight bun, glasses on the tip of her nose and a ruler in hand ready to bust your knuckles?
  • Someone who will suck the musical passion out of your existence by forcing you to do scales all lesson long?

You’re not alone if you share these thoughts, but you’re absolutely wrong.

These are not your traditional piano lessons!

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If I’m primarily a vocal coach, why do I teach piano/keyboard lessons?

Well, first of all, I’m qualified. I studied music composition in college and my primary instrument was piano. But that’s not why.

It’s because I kept hearing the same thing from would-be adult learners. It would go something like this: “I took piano lessons for four years as a kid. Now I’d like to know how to play for pleasure.” Say, what? 

Traditional piano lessons treat every student as though they are going to become concert pianists. And the overwhelming majority of you won’t and wouldn’t want to.

That’s why I don’t teach traditional piano lessons. Instead, you’ll learn to understand keys, chords, and chord progressions. You’ll choose what songs to play and, if you want, you’ll learn to read from a leadsheet.

Your piano can become a fun creative outlet the way a guitar does for so many. If that’s what you’re looking for, look no further!

Piano Lessons

1, 5, or 12 Lessons


Do I have to have a piano/keyboard to take lessons?
Yes. It doesn't have to be fancy, though. Just be sure to have regular piano-sized keys. You can reach out for feedback on what piano/keyboard to get.
What's needed for online lessons?
Besides a keyboard or piano, you will need a reliable high-speed internet, and your camera/computer situated so that you can see me, and I can see your hands on the keyboard.
How long does it take to learn a song?
Every student is different and has a different amount of time to commit to practice. If you’re able to practice consistently, a basic beginner song should be no problem to complete within the first 5-lesson package.
Will learning music theory be required?
When done right, theory is something you learn as a byproduct of learning to play songs. Not the other way around.
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