DIY Vocal Coaching

The Singer-Athlete Workout Series is the answer to all your singing aspirations. This is the combination of info and vocal exercises that I use with my direct coaching clients, at your fingertips to benefit from at your own pace.

The Singing Starter Course lays out the information and practice skills you need to whip your voice into shape, and to know how to make the most of Singer-Athlete online membership.

Membership gives you access to the entire Singer-Athlete Workout Series library of vocal workouts, plus the video library (includes workouts and tutorials), plus member-only blog posts.

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  • 12-Month Membership w/Singer Starter Course


    Your best value for DIY Vocal Coaching! Twelve months of Singer-Athlete membership PLUS the  8-week online singing starter course.

  • 6-Month Membership w/Singer Starter Course


    6 months of Singer-Athlete Online DIY Membership. Includes 8-week starter course.

  • 6×6 Direct-DIY Combo


    The freedom of DIY combined with the accountability inherent in face-to-face sessions. Includes the reading portions of the singing starter course.