Confidence Coaching 3 or 6 Month Package

From: $499.00 / month for 6 months


Confidence coaching packages are designed for building your genuine confidence and self-belief so you can accomplish what you want out of life. Realigning with your true self and both feeling and portraying genuine confidence will improve all areas of your life, creating things like:

  • Greater success in work-related pursuits
  • Greater success in creative pursuits
  • Greater success in relationships
  • A deeper sense of happiness and ease
  • Improved health and wellness
  • Excitement about your life

A 3-month (12 session) package is best if you’re looking for small tweaks in one or two specific aspects of your life, and would like some short-term mentorship as you begin to implement your first changes.

A 6-month (24 session) package is best if you are pursuing a more significant lifestyle change that encompasses your complete life, mindset, and goals. This is where we unearth the real you who has been buried beneath negative conditioning and teach her to take the reigns in your life.

Packages includes 60- to 75-minute weekly sessions (four per month) plus email/text interactions between sessions for quick feedback as you implement changes.

Module Options

3-months In Full ($1527.45 – 15% off), 3-months, 3 Payments of $599 ($1797 total), 6-months In Full ($2544.90 – 15% off), 6-months, 6 payments of $499 ($2994 total)

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It’s not just learning to sing. It's building the confidence to share your voice with the world.

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