Quizzes for Singers

The quizzes below are designed to help you overcome common obstacles to success and keep your big-picture goals in focus.

The Singer's Self-Assessment Quiz

This quiz is SIMPLE and FAST - just five questions. Based on your answers, the quiz tells you where you should be focusing your efforts today.

And more importantly, it lays out the four areas of focus you want to keep cycling through as your move toward your singing goals.

This quiz is perfect for you if you feel stalled and directionless in your pursuit of singing. 

Imposter Syndrome Quiz for Singers

Imposter syndrome isn't as obvious to spot as you may think. It may impact your success if...

  • you struggle to call yourself a singer 
  • you feel terrible about yourself when you hear another great singer
  • performance anxiety is strong in you

These are some of the signs that you may deal with imposter syndrome. This super informative quiz will help you see where you stand, and whether its impact is low or strong, give you tons of tools to take back your power from your inner "imposter."

"Not only do you become a better singer and performer... you gain self confidence that helps in every area of life!"

Judy Blake