I am by no means an essential oil expert.

BUT, there are certain scents that help me break through congestion, and help keep me feeling peaceful before a gig or audition.

And in a general sense, when my home smells beautiful, I feel relaxed and more positive (always a plus). Maybe the right essential oils will have a similar effect on you.

(Click on images for details.)

For congestion…




A great mix for breathing & relaxing.

For relaxation or better sleep…

Lavender. One of my favorites to relax with.

Citrus just feels refreshing and positive.

At Peace with lime, tangerine & sandalwood:

Not sure Love smells like this but I like it!


A great starter kit with a good mix of oils.

A sleek, wood grain electric diffuser. Love it!

A candle fueled oil diffuser with deep reservoir.

Large water tank. Beautiful LED colors.