Singer-Athlete Guided Vocal Workouts - Choose 1 or get the bundle!

Sometimes you want to learn about the science and craft of singing. Other times, you just want to get to working out your voice. These workouts are for the latter. 

(If you prefer the former, check out the Singer-Athlete Workout Program.)

Get right to your ideal DIY vocal workouts based on your needs:

Ultimate Quick Hit Singing Lesson

THE most important foundational skill...

...upon which all other singing skills can be improved.

Start every practice session with this exercise and be on your way to conquering all of your singing goals!

Chronically Congested Guided Workout

When I was younger, congestion provided an unending challenge to my singing goals. 

It felt like my body was against me and I would never be able to trust what might come out when I opened my mouth to sing.

I've since grown beyond that using a 3-pronged approach:

  1. I strengthened my voice by changing how I worked it out.
  2. I tweaked my diet and lifestyle.
  3. I shifted my mindset.

The Chronically Congested guided workout will help you do the same. Here's what's included:

  • Warmups/exercises targeted toward waking up your voice and opening up your sinuses. 
  • Four complete workout routines to cycle through to keep your voice strong, limber, and ready to go.
  • A video compilation of tips and tools pertaining to keeping your voice healthy and your congestion at bay.

Audition Ready Guided Workout

Years ago, I went to see a friend who was gigging with a new band.

When he spotted me from the stage, he said hello through the mic and in front of everyone, invited me up to sing a song. 

I DID NOT want to do it. I wasn't warmed up and didn't feel prepared. I did it anyway, of course, because how can you say no in front of all those people? But it was not my best performance.

From that moment on, I set a goal to ALWAYS be prepared. That's what this guided workout is for.

Maybe you have an audition coming up. Maybe you don't. But if you want to be ready for opportunities when they arise, this is the collection of routines to keep in rotation:

  • Longer and more advanced workouts to keep you in pro-level shape.
  • Four complete routines to cycle through that focus on maintaining a strong range and vocal agility.
  • A compilation video of tips and suggestions for feeling confident and ready to go on a dime.

Commuter Rockstar Guided Workout

We all love singing in the car. 

For some of us with busy lives, it’s the only time we can consistently dedicate to singing. If this includes you, here’s the guided workout for you.

The Commuter Rockstar includes:

  1. Shorter workouts that pack a big punch in less time.
  2. Four routines to cycle through that are focused on maximizing power and stamina so you can belt out those car performances without straining.
  3. Compilation video of tips and suggestions for building power and stamina with ease.

Note: Access to the exercises requires access to the internet.

Or Get the Complete Guided Workout Bundle

Buy all three guided workouts and the Quick Hit Singing Lesson!

The complete guided workout bundle provides a game-changing, all-purpose toolbox to whip your voice into shape and keep it in shape well into the future.

  • Ultimate Quick Hit Singing Lesson – Your foundational breathing technique lesson.
  • Singer-Athlete Guided Workout: Chronically Congested – Voice-limbering workouts to help keep phlegm at bay.
  • Singer-Athlete Guided Workout: Audition Ready – Longer, more advanced workouts focused on range and agility.
  • Singer-Athlete Guided Workout: Commuter Rockstar – Short workouts focused on building power and stamina.