Singing: Your New Self-Help Adventure

Being a singer should be a lifestyle choice, not that it’s as serious as all that sounds. It just means that if singing makes you feel good, you should make it a prominent part of your life. And when doing that, you realign other aspects of your life to enhance and support your love of singing.

That means your love of singing can become a tool for improved happiness, fulfillment, and balance in life.

Going through a transition? Embrace your love of singing.

Want motivation to take better care of yourself? Embrace your love of singing.

Want to have purpose and feel happier? Embrace your love of singing.

You can use your love of singing to overhaul your life in many of the ways you’ve been talking about doing for years. Better diet, more physical activity, jettisoning toxic relationships, stretching your comfort zone, and feeling a sense of adventure are all things that can be explored and achieved through taking on the lifestyle of a singer. And you’ll get to sing, which you already love.

Singing can be your new self-help adventure.

Throughout this post, I’ve included downloads to help you plan your new DIY Singing Lifestyle. No, this isn’t a teaser freebie designed to get you to purchase a course later. These are free downloads to help you add structure and excitement to your life through singing.

There are three files.

1. OwJF New Coaching Client Interview. Back when I still hung a shingle out as a creative life coach, these were the kinds of questions I used so I could get to know a new client. They are meant to start a client thinking critically about what his/her coaching goals are. If you are ready for a change but need help thinking things out, this is a great place to start. It doesn’t give you answers but gets you to ask yourself questions.

2. OwJF Goal Planning. This is a two-page workbook designed to help you go a little deeper with your new goal. Remember as you fill it out that this isn’t about huge end goals related to singing. This is to plan your first stepping-stone goal for your new lifestyle.

In the first box, you’ll define your primary goal. It doesn’t have to be monumental. In fact, it’s better if it’s a small and manageable goal, anything from a deadline to brave your first karaoke stage to a new schedule where you have more “me time” that involves singing.

But naming your primary goal is just the beginning. In the next four boxes, you’re going to identify the ways that other aspects of your life will support your goal. The categories are Nutrition, Activity (as in physical activity), Balance, and Vocal Work.

Since singing well requires a strong, healthy body, nutrition and physical activity have to be factors in your new lifestyle planning. But this is your first stepping-stone goal, so you don’t have to go crazy. Pick one or two small changes or additions you’re going to commit to for the betterment of your singing-related goal. For example, if you know dairy makes you phlegmy, commit to cutting back your intake. Or, if you tire easily, you may need a physical routine that builds your stamina.

In a similar way, you’ll need to give attention to how well you balance various aspects of your life. If your life feels out of control or over-scheduled, it will be hard for you to succeed with your new singing goals. Write down what you can improve or change to create better balance in your life (or get closer to it). Maybe you have to say “no” more. Maybe you need to stop working late. Be honest and write it down.

The yellow box is to think out your first vocal goals. It could be specific like “strengthen head voice for my fist karaoke song” or it could be general like “start taking lessons.” (It could also be “become an Online with Judy Fine patron and have access to a ton of info and vocal exercises.” Just saying…)

The orange box is for activities or items that it would benefit you to avoid. Most of us know what we should be avoiding. Once you write it in this box, you’ve made a COMMITMENT to do it.

After you write these things down, put this form someplace where you’ll see it every day. I’ll say again that this is a commitment you’re making to yourself, so start with manageable steps. After you’ve made some progress, you’ll do it again with updated goals.

(If you’re not sure how best to fill out this form, feel free to reach out to me for feedback.)


Once you’ve identified your first stepping-stone goals, you’ll use the second page to assess what kind of support (inner and outer) you have. Supported people are more likely to be successful, after all.

The green portion of this page is for identifying exterior influences that might impact you negatively or positively. These could be people or your living situation or a supportive network of friends.

The yellow portion is for identifying inner influences. For negative influences, this basically means your personal demons – a fear of failure or negative things you tell yourself about your abilities and worthiness, etc. Write them down so you can look them in the face. Positive inner influences are the traits and skills you possess that can help you be successful.

Why are you identifying these things? Because part of your plan for success will be reducing or avoiding the negative influences while enhancing and appreciating the positive ones. That means you have to name them first.

What you can do to reduce, avoid, enhance, or appreciate the things that impact your success is what you’ll write in the lower section of this page. Take your time with this part, and only write what you’re ready to COMMIT to.

3. OwJF Goal Planning Extras. It’s filled with tools that might be of help as you plan and implement your plan. There is a weekly calendar to schedule things like physical activity and practicing, and there are three Circles of Perspective to help you think out the level of balance you currently have in certain aspects of your life.

There is also a food category page. I’m not a nutritionist, but I use the categories in that list to maintain balance in my diet, which helps me keep my voice at it’s best. For me, that primarily means reducing congestion and heartburn while enhancing energy and stamina.

There you go! A collection of tools to get you started on your new self-help adventure. Let me know how it goes!


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