Want to back up your singing on guitar or keys?

Great! Some things to consider:

First of all, if you don’t know much theory, you should check out my online course Music Theory for Singers: The Chord Book

Then you should check out the accompaniment and song creation tools below.


This is my go-to website for sheet music for the following reasons:

  • They have a huge array popular songs and genres
  • They have piano scores, leadsheets, and instrumental scores
  • Many of the piano scores can be transposed into a key that fits your singing range
  • They have beginner piano scores (that keep my students interested!)
  • Scores can be downloaded and used right away
  • You can search songs by genre, decade, or by an associated holiday (Christmas music!)
  • They stay current with recent hits

Band in a Box

I use Band in a Box with students who are working on songwriting. Together, we can take as little as words on a piece of paper and a vague melody in their heads, and turn it into band-backed song.

You choose the backing style, plug in your chord progressions, and customize adjustments as you wish.

The end result is a backing track that you can use to

  1. Perform solo to
  2. Share your songs on a YouTube channel
  3. Give to musicians to learn your song for studio recording or live performance.

There is a base version and a MegaPak version. Check them out by clicking on the images below.

Band in a Box Pro

Band in a Box MegaPak