The Singer-Athlete Membership Program

What stops you from becoming the singer you dream of being?

  • Money?
  • Time?
  • Lack of Knowledge & tools?
  • Lack of consistency and discipline?
  • The feeling that you’re an imposter?

The Singer-Athlete Membership Program has all of this covered for you!

Membership is super affordable and can fit into your schedule however you need! There is a workout for every vocal goal and enough variety to keep you motivated and improving for the length of your membership.  

Plus, if you feel alone or unsure, you have me!  Schedule a single lesson for direct feedback on your vocals or a creative career coaching session for career direction, both at a discounted member rate. Or reach out via the private facebook group for advice and support from fellow members. 

Membership includes:

  • Anytime access to the Singer-Athlete Workout Series audio library so you can tackle your vocal improvement goals on your own schedule.
  • Anytime access to the video library of archived video tutorials and workouts that aren’t available on YouTube.  
  • Anytime Access to the 8-week Singer Starter Course so you can dive in head first by learning the basic foundations of great singing and get a feel for how to work with the audio library.
  • Anytime Access to additional mini courses that target a specific singing goal and keep workouts fresh and interesting.
  • Regular newsletters that provide tips, suggestions, updates on member content, and motivation to keep your great work going!
  • Access to the private Facebook group where you can share questions, successes, frustrations and support your fellow members.

I’m ready to become a Singer-Athlete!

Do you ever feel like an imposter?

As much as 70% of us do. It’s even stronger in females and minorities. I call it the Curse of Low Expectations, when we allow other people’s doubts in our abilities to become our own.

Since live music is a male-dominated world, many female singers face imposter syndrome when among their bandmates. I understand this first hand (!), and I offer many ways for members to combat this:

  • By helping you put your best artistic self forward through the vocal development and encouragement you experience via member content.
  • By speeding up your singing progress with occasional live vocal coaching sessions at a discounted member rate.
  • By helping you feel like a peer among your bandmates with live music theory lessons at a discounted member rate.
  • By helping you know and show your artistic value through a single or package of creative career coaching sessions at a discounted member rate.


Is there a Singer-Athlete membership trial period?

New members have 7 days from the date of purchase to request and receive a full refund.

Why are members called Singer-Athletes?

Because training your voice is about building muscles, developing motor skills, and staying in shape through regular workouts – like an athlete. And that’s what membership provides!

How difficult is it to access membership content?

All membership content is easily accessed through the Member Portal page at . If you have any problems, just reach out to me for assistance.

How much time should I practice each week?

For building muscle and motor habits, members should try to practice a minimum of 3 times per week for 30 to 45 minutes. 

What if I don’t experience any improvement?

If you follow the workout routines, starter course, and general advice given, it’s basically impossible to not improve. But if you’d like to speed up progress, reach out via the private Facebook page or schedule a single lesson with me for feedback and suggestions.

Some people tell me I’m not hitting the right notes. Can membership help me work on this?

There are many pitch-related exercises in the Singer-Athlete workout series. But pitch can be hard to pinpoint on your own. Members who want to improve pitch should ideally schedule a one-on-one lesson so I can give you specific feedback that you can then work with by yourself.

I purchased a month-to-month membership but would like to upgrade my membership length. Can I do that?

If after your first month of membership you wish to upgrade to either 6 or 12 months of membership, you can do so by paying the difference. Just reach out through the website.

I’m ready to become a Singer-Athlete

I received a membership… for my birthday last February from my brother… I faithfully went through the lesson weeks and learned a lot about how to sing. I wasn’t pretty for many months, but by putting in the practice time, now I can say that I really can hear a huge improvement in everything….vocal range and quality in particular. Judy calls us vocal athletes to remind us the good singers are not born but MADE with practice. Try it, it’s also a lot of fun!.
Nanette Avril
Google Review

Singer-Athlete Membership Options:

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Monthly Membership

Monthly Memberhip $18/month

6-Month Access

6 months of membership (1 month free!)

6mo w/Starter Course $90

12-Month Access

12-months of membership (3 months free!)

12mo w/Starter Course $162

The Singer Starter Course:

Many new members begin with the singer starter course. It includes 8 lessons that cover the basics of great singing, including the very important first lesson called The Singer’s Anatomy. Each lesson has a learning portion and a vocal workout for that week, so the course also serves as an introduction to practicing with audio library workouts.