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Online With Judy Fine – Budding Songwriter

Do you have words inside you that want to be heard?

Maybe you have notebooks filled with those words. With just a little guidance, that budding singer/songwriter in you can learn how to turn those words into songs that reach the people out there who get you.

With the budding singer/songwriter bundle you’ll learn the basics of music theory, how to create chord progressions to back your words, and how to make those words the most compelling they can be.

You’ll also have access to the Singer-Athlete Vocal Development library, so you can hone your personal sound and deliver your words with the passion and prowess they deserve.

How does membership work? By providing:

• Anytime access to your singer/songwriter online courses.
• Anytime access to the Singer-Athlete starter course and vocal exercise library.
• The option of scheduling member-discounted check-ins with me for feedback and/or guidance.
• A private Facebook group for sharing questions, challenges, and ideas.

I help budding singer/songwriters just like you accomplish their goals! 

Getting started is simple! (3 ways to choose from)

TRY - monthly

Discover the tools aspiring artists just like you have used to launch their music career

$19 per month

GROW - 6 months

Develop the skills and confidence to ask your worth and get paid for your talent.


THRIVE - 12 months

Master the art of making music a lifelong career you can enjoy.

$156 / 13 per month


Do I need to already know some music theory?
Nope. Total beginners are quickly brought up to speed with the Beginner Theory Basics module.
Do I need a piano or keyboard?
You don’t need one, but I recommend it. Many students choose to begin by using one of the several free virtual pianos that can be found online.
What if I primarily play guitar and not piano?
Piano is the ideal instrument for teaching music theory because it provides the best visual aid as you learn. But the concepts you learn can be easily adapted to guitar. You can reach out to me directly or through the member Facebook page if you need help with this.
I have my own style of singing and songwriting. What if it doesn’t match your course?
This bundle teaches basic concepts but not personal style. You are the artist. That part is for you to decide, although I’m available if you’d like to schedule a member-discounted check-in for feedback.