Below, I’ve shared categories of products I use and have found beneficial to my goal of maintaining a successful and healthy singer’s lifestyle.

I hope you will also find them beneficial.

NOTE: Using links on this website to buy products helps my online efforts by entitling OwJF to a small commission for your purchase. I appreciate your support in this way, and hope your purchases reap the same benefits for you that I experience using them. Thanks!

All singers benefit from performance. Karaoke is a fun and easy way to make performances happen.

Learn how to customize karaoke tracks and find gear to create your own karaoke experience.

Karaoke Resources

Accompany yourself or create backing tracks for your originals.

Sheet Music and Songwriting Tools

Manage congestion, aid in peace and sleep, and keep your home smelling great all at once.

Recommended Essential Oils

Maintaining your singer-athlete lifestyle is about more than vocal exercises. It’s about keeping your body and mind strong and positive. These recommended books can help you.

Recommended Books