Singer’s Self-Improvement Series: February Supplemental

Happy belated Valentine’s Day and welcome to February’s mid-month supplemental post!

Hopefully, you’ve been able to keep yourself motivated and progressing thus far, and your ready for more! Be sure to keep using the planning calendar (or your phone calendar) to schedule your practice sessions and core/stretching sessions.

So far, you’ve been working on the following things:

  • Improved diet for a stronger singing instrument
  • Improved core strength and flexibility for a stronger singing instrument
  • Rib cage expansion (during exercises and while singing songs)
  • Still-jaw & Range-Hopping exercises
  • Singing with open vowels for better song delivery (better tone, control, and agility)

Here are just a few additional things to continue this month’s progress…

February Lifestyle Extras:

Do you hold tension in your neck, shoulders, and back (as many of us do)?

If so, this simple stretch routine can help you release some of that tension before your start your practice session. 

Have you been working on your core strength?

I challenge you to work your way up to a 60-second (or longer) elbow plank by the 28th of this month.

Up for the challenge?

Quick Tip:

Two pre-gig or gig break (or anytime) snacks that are great for your voice…

  • Fruits, especially those high in vitamin A, like mangos, watermelon, and peaches.
  • Warm tea with licorice root

February Singing Extras:

It’s time to up your rib cage expansion. This is the same 10-rep palm press video I gave you last month. 

Your goal by the end of this month is to be able to do 3 solid sets of this video workout back-to-back.

Check out this is the Working With Words workout.

Keep those vowels open and only move your jaw when you have to, to say a consonant.


As the openness of your vowels improves through properly repeating your exercises, apply those improvements to your song work. You should begin to notice better tone, better flow, and an increased ability to hold out notes.

See you again next month!