Lessons for Adults

Singing lessons for adults

You Don’t Have To Be Born With It!

These online singing lessons (with some limited in-person slots) will help you whip that voice of yours into shape and proudly share it with others - whatever your previous experience, whatever your preferred popular genre:

  • Build your confidence
  • Grow your range
  • Strengthen your tone
  • Improve your vocal agility
  • Add purpose and challenge to your life

About My Approach

I had a wonderful vocal coach when I was young who taught me solid technique. Yet, I needed more. I struggled with performance anxiety and a general disbelief that I had something unique and valuable to share with the world. This carried over into other areas of my life and hindered my success and happiness. That’s why my goal today is to teach every student to love the sound of her/his voice and learn to share it unabashedly. And that's my promise to you!

- Judy Fine

Singing Lessons for Adults Come in Packages of 1, 5, or 12 Lessons.

One-on-one lessons occur weekly online or in-person (provided one of my limited in-person slots are available). In-person students meet me online during inclement weather or periods of mild sickness. 

Lesson packages are non-refundable and time-constrained in the following ways:

  • Five-lesson packages must be used within six weeks.
  • Twelve-lesson packages must be used within fourteen weeks.

Note: Please contact me before purchasing a package to check availability.

Purchase your first lesson package here or a single assessment consult for feedback and ideas how to move forward toward your goals.