I offer in-person and internet coaching to students around age eight through adult. 

  • In-person coaching takes place weekly in my Cape Coral teaching studio. 
  • Internet coaching takes place weekly online. See below for details.


Keyboard Skills

Every singing student has different needs and goals. I tailor my lessons to match both.

My singing students:

  • Learn the anatomy of their instrument (as age appropriate) and develop efficient and healthy technique.
  • Learn to think of themselves as athletes, and practice accordingly.
  • Develop a workout routine (as age appropriate) to grow range, strength, and agility.
  • Have access to targeted vocal exercises meant for specific vocal goals.
  • Choose the songs we work on based on personal goals.
  • Have the space and freedom to develop personal style.
  • Develop stage presence, mic technique, and learn to work through performance anxiety.

Not your tradition piano lessons. I teach music theory and keyboard skills.

In the course of these lessons, you will:

  • Learn how to read and write music.
  • Understand the concepts of chords, scales, and keys.
  • Learn to play chord progressions in various keys.
  • Be able to pick up a lead sheet (lyrics w/chord names) and play.
  • Play songs that interest you (and determine the best keys to sing them in, if you’re a singer).
  • Prepare (if needed) for school music assessments.
  • Build a solid music foundation that will enhance future music study.
  • Have a hobby that can be a positive outlet for the rest of you life

Internet Coaching

Internet coaching offers the same learning experience as in-person coaching, but from just about anywhere. Requirements:

  • A computer (positioned so I can see your upper body (singing) or your hands (keys)
  • High speed internet service
  • A Skype account (free)
  • Headphones