Single Assessment Consultation:

A single 45-minute online meeting for feedback and suggestions regarding how to move forward toward your singing goals.

Once you purchase the session, I will contact you to schedule our online meeting time. The substance of the meeting will be up to you. You can:

  • Chat about your musical project goals.
  • Sing to me for technique or performance related feedback.
  • Share a song or songs for songwriting critique.
  • Request feedback for anything else pertaining to your singing goals.

Weekly Online Lessons:

Singing Lessons for Teens & Adults Come in Packages of 1, 5, or 12 Lessons.

Weekly one-on-one lessons are online only and vary in cost depending on quantity. Use the button below to see prices.

Please Note: Multi-lesson packages are non-refundable and time-constrained in the following ways:

  • Five-lesson packages must be used within six weeks.
  • Twelve-lesson packages must be used within fourteen weeks.

Artist Development Coaching

For when you're ready to go from a hobbyist to a gigging singer.

  • Improve and polish your singing and performance chops.
  • Get clear on and manage your inner and outer obstacles.
  • Develop your ideal artist brand and musical project.
  • Develop songwriting chops, if applicable.
  • Create and implement a roadmap to your dream.

The first step is to schedule a Single Assessment Consultation. From there, you may decide to take what we discuss and run with it on your own, or we move into our coaching program!