Unleash the Confidence to Be a Great Singer!

Love to sing?

No matter your level of singing today, the right technique, tools, and confidence-building will get you to the next level.

It's not about what your born with but what you put into it.

I say this as a person who was born an average singer, and who went on to contribute later-developed skills to many successful function bands and other musical projects.

Adding to all that is my certification (2012) as a life coach. This means not only do I have vocal tools and experience to pass on but I also know how to reach any individual and bring out what’s inside them, no matter the background or learning style.

I offer two services for singers looking to grow their skills and confidence. Use the buttons below to learn more about each:

About Judy Fine, Vocal Coach:

That first frame in the video on the left is me performing with one of my early cover bands called Coolbernie. I was an okay singer back then, but nothing like I am today. That’s because back then I still believed you’re either born an amazing singer or not. That’s what most folks believe. Maybe you do, too.

There are some things you can’t change, like the thickness of your vocal chords or the size of your lungs. But just as an ordinary person can wake up one day and decide to train to run a marathon, you can decide to train your voice. Wherever your singing is now, with training you can improve your tone, range, agility, stamina, and artistry. You just have to wake up one day and decide to do it. How about today?

Online Lessons:

The benefit of online lessons with me is, of course, the feedback, accountability, and the way every student’s needs can be directly addressed in real time from week to week. It’s fun, too!  This is the most effective way to quickly boost skills and confidence.

Another plus for younger students are the projects we can put together, both solo and in cooperation with other students in occasional group masterclasses. Being online doesn’t mean you can’t meet and interact with other students!

Lessons can be taken in the following categories, and mixed and matched however the student likes:

  • Vocal Coaching
  • Performance Coaching
  • Music Theory
  • Keys
  • Songwriting

Online Prices/Packages:

(New students Register Here)

30 minutes of direct coaching is a great length for young students (voice and keys/theory), or for older students who are looking to focus primarily on technique.

(must be used within 7 weeks)

(must be used within 15 weeks)

45 minutes of direct coaching is an ideal length for both singers and keys/theory students. This allows ample time for both technique and song work.

(must be used within 7 weeks)

(must be used within 15 weeks)

60 Minutes of direct coaching is for those who want lots of time to spend on song work, or who want to combine vocal coaching with keyboard/theory lessons.

(must be used within 7 weeks)

(must be used within 15 weeks)

Singer-Athlete DIY Membership:

For adults who prefer the DIY approach, a 6-month or 12-month Singer-Athlete Membership is for you. 

Membership includes anytime access to my full library of vocal exercises, the Singer-Athlete Workout Series. This is a collection of vocal exercises that have helped catapult countless singers – from hobbyists to professionals (including myself) – toward their singing dreams.

Membership Includes:

  • Access to the Singer-Athlete audio library of vocal exercises.
  • Access to the archived video library with tutorials and workout combinations.
  • Optional enrollment in my online course, the Singer Starter Course.
  • Archived (and occasionally newly added) member-only blog posts on various singing topics.
  • Option to join the private member-only Facebook group to ask questions or share thoughts and feedback.

Singer-Athlete Membership Packages:

12-Month Access

Best DIY deal! 12-month access to the Singer-Athlete audio & video libraries and member-only posts (w/starter course).

6-Month Access

6-month access to the Singer-Athlete audio and video libraries and member-only blog posts (w/starter course).

6-Month Combo

6-month membership plus 6 thirty-minute online sessions with me (1 x week for the first 6 weeks or 1 x month).