All the great vocal exercises you've been using, and more.

Your progress doesn't have to end because the course did. With monthly access to my workout libraries, you can continue to progress toward the singing voice of your dreams!

Rib cage Expansion exercises

Continue to Build and Maintain Your Rib Expansion Stamina.

It's the key to it all, so don't lose the momentum you gained with singing from your core!

Vocal Warmups

Warming Up Matters!

One warmup will help you sing better that day. Regular warming up will keep you limber even on a day you skip singing. 

Targeted Skills

Keep Polishing Individual Skills with Targeted Vocal Exercises.

Want to work on increasing your range? Check! Want to improve your vocal agility? Check! Want to get better at harmonizing? Check! Whatever skill you want to focus on, whenever you want to focus on it.


What Other Singer-Athletes Are Saying

Malgosia Nowak


Judy quickly brought my singing experience to a higher level.

Anne T

Jazz Singer

Judy has a practical nuts-and-bolts approach to vocal production that works for all genres; jazz technique was greatly helped by Judy


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